$4 000 USD

MARCH 2022




"All I want is my lazy lion back that was stolen yesterday"


"I obviously didn’t do it on purpose but I must have clicked on a link that was [malicious]. I have since got a ledger so it won’t ever happen again."


"And @lazylions don’t [care] because all they had to say is wow that sucks for u"


"So after the fact when the @LazyLionNFT said well ur [not getting helped] I’ve given up on that community. The dev team is only in it to make profit and don’t [care] about the holders."


"I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never have the funds to buy another lion. On a positive note. My stollen lion opensea locked down and it can’t be sold to anyone else so it’s a paperweight in the current holders wallet." "unfortunately don’t even have the funds to mint one at this time. It is what it is though."


"They unfortunately won’t, I’ve done all the required steps they requested and they said they have it locked but without the current holder contacting them and offering to send it to me it’s a paper weight in his wallet."


"I’m done trying to explain to myself. My lion was stolen. The guy who owns it now was active till he was called out and he disappeared. Says all I need to know. So if I have anything to do with it, it’s a permanent paperweight in his wallet."


"Then so be it. He is more then welcome to sell it anywhere he wants to, but even so whoever buy it on any other platform can’t ever resale it on opensea. U are acting like I didn’t go about doing exactly what opensea told me to do. I just did exactly what OS told me to"


"I have already done everything opensea told me too. It wasn’t my choice to lock it down. The only reason opensea locked it down it because I went threw all the right steps showing proof of everything. So it was opensea who paperweighted it."


"[Seth Green] will get his shit back for free because he is famous. But those of us that are normal working citizens have to pay just for the chance for someone to even look into out situation. Being a military veteran means absolutely shit in the world anymore."

Veteran and Twitter user slowcobra97 reported that their Lazy Lion NFT 5986 was stolen from them. The thief quickly resold the NFT for 1.4 ETH. slowcobra97 reported the theft and OpenSea has frozen the wallet of the new owner. The new owner appears to have gone silent following the theft and no NFT has been recovered.

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