$391 000 USD





"Ok everyone. I am planning on dropping my own nft project TODAY! I've been working on this for quite some bit and i am fully ready now. If you would like to be on the whitelist and Mint-LIKE AND COMMENT the word APE"


"some red flags but dint mind it then. 1st, the name "FutureMarc_" had a "_" at the end, which looks suspicious and scam worthy now. 2nd, he had only 280 something tweets. For a 68k followed account, that number is very less! 3rd, I dint took the time to verify if the opensea" "linked in his twitter profile is actually his. 4th, He ran 3-4 twitter threads promising 5k to random people and never kept his word I beleive. I think, before buying in to anything, it is important to do a check on all these aspects. I bought in coz of the fake FOMO" "created by the him. There were only 1000 which was available and I bought in when it reached 998. So please dont get sucked in to the vortex of this scammers. @Twitter, I request you to please review this account and block and delete his Twitter. He already scammed around" "88eth out of 500 people using this collection. I dont believe if there is any way to get back my eth or anyone else's eth."


"Lots of ape rugs. My lazy bored ape as well. However there community pulled through and new rugged bored apes has a gran mint soon. Reach out to the team, they are helping other rugged projects as well."


"IN OUR DISCORD - WE HAVE 1/4 OF THE LAZY BORED APES ACCOUNTED FOR! Close to 250 out of 1000 Lazy Bored Apes, which was a complete RUG PULL, have joined RUGGED BORED APES as we are close to releasing our free 1:1 mint! ANY LAZY BORED APE OWNER GETS A FREE (+gas) 1:1 MINT!"


"All we can do now is to not get scammed by him anymore and to double check everything before spending your eth. And now, this is to you Marcus/FutureMarc" "I have send your Twitter link to 150+ friends of mine and they will all report and block you. You and your scams are done for now. See you in a different scam account coz I know you wont stop scamming people."

Twitter user FutureMarc_ launched an NFT collection named Lazy Bored Apes, and then disappeared, renaming his Twitter account after selling all 1,000 apes for 0.88 ETH each. The community created a project to relaunch the NFTs in a new smart contract called rugged bored apes.

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