"Kung Fu Apes is an exploration and celebration of kung fu and the rich history of its movies, characters, and actors. Hao, our amazing artist, has put their passion and love into creating a huge selection of traits that will craft your own unique Kung Fu Ape. Hao was inspired by all of his favorite kung fu movie classics from Kung Fu Hustle to Clan of the White Lotus, and influential actors like Bruce Lee, Liu Chia-hui, Jet-Li, Donnie Yen, and Jackie Chan.It has also been heavily inspired by Chinese aesthetic and artwork. Bold red and gold colors can be found throughout the collection and several backgrounds will use classic paintings from China's rich history of master painters and calligraphists."


"Kung Fu Ape masters have gathered on the blockchain to harness their qi to call on the Nine Dragons to help heal the world and bring about peace for all ape-kind. Kung Fu Apes is an exploration and celebration of kung fu and the rich history of its movies, characters, and actors."


"The utility of these apes is insane: a game, staking, token shop,...."


"My Kung Fu Ape looks better than that. It was also a rug but little was gained."


"Never been rugged by a coin-token before , only by one nft project on ethereum which is @kungfuapes o wait they deleted their account lol art is dope though"

Despite well-received artwork and a great back story, the Kung Fu Apes project reportedly bit off more than they could chew, promising the community a game, marketplace, and staking. When it became clear that they couldn't deliver, they proceeded to delete their social media and website for the project and disappear with all received funds. Some members of the community vowed to find the creators, however there is no indication any of that effort has been successful.

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