"Keep3r Link is a Chainlink improved fork of the #Keep3rV1 project. Thanks to YF Link and Chainlink communities for the borning of this project!"


"We’ll start by forking Andre’s revolutionary Keep3rV1 contract and adapted it for marine use. We have improved the contract based on the bugs founded in the Keep3rV1’s audit report. For starters, for all of Andre’s and our great care, for all of the tens of thousands of dollars that Balancer and Curve have spent on audits, these contracts are liable to explode in a glorious fireball of bits at any moment and without warning."


"KP3RL is a governance and staking coin, allowing holders to vote and propose jobs as well as collect a % of the network fees." "There will be 110,000 KP3RL for sale." "The tokensale starts on 16th November, 00:00 UTC. No tokens can be purchased before this time."


"Total Initial Supply: 300,000 KP3RL. Liquidity Generation Event: 175,000 KP3RL. Locked Liquidity Supply: 125,000 KP3RL. Sale: 58% (42% Uniswap pool + 16% marketing campaigns). Liquidity: 42%. Total Circulating Supply After Token Burn: 30,000 KP3RL. Token Burn - In phase 2 of the protocol, when the Staking will be active the following fess will occur: Selling (5%), Transferring (2.5%), UnStaking(5%). These fees will be redirected 50% to the Staking pool and 50% to a burn address, thus constantly reducing supply until 1/10th of total initial supply is reached. There is no premine or dev[eloper] funds."


"The team is committed to the project and the protocol will be running no matter what happens in tokensale." "You can either participate in the tokensale, where you will be in the best spot, investment wise, as this is where the price floor will be established, or you can buy from Uniswap after the listing taking place but obviously at a higher price."


"We are glad to announce you our first confirmed CEX listings. The Tokensale is live." "Tokensale has started! You can buy KP3RL tokens by sending ETH to the above Fundraising wallet or scan the following QR Code."


"I will give someone $50 in 12hrs all you have to do is RT and be following myself and @Keep3rLink and like/RT their pinned tweet."


"The audits, website, and token sale will all be pre-announced in the Telegram channel. We would like to thank the YF Link, Aave, and Chainlink communities for all their input and feedback during the design process. And a special thanks to Synthetix for their invaluable feedback. We recorded our scoping session, have a watch if you are interested in how these things are conceptualized."


On Nov 18th, CertiK stated "Important Announcement: We have never audited @Keep3rLink. The audit report that was shared on @Keep3rLink telegram account is fake!" "@certik_io never audited this project. Please be aware that the audit report they shared on the tg group is a fake."


"You knew #KP3RL is a scam and yet a recommendation, they asked to enter your private key to claim your tokens. We know where that goes, don’t we :D."


"WOW! #Keep3rlink is not only rugging the presale, but also trying to steal wallets by popping up a fake metamask window https://keep3r.link #scam" "New innovations happen in crypto all the time....now not only do rugs take your presale eth, they try to phish your entire wallet!"


"hello, After the claim tokens steps, all the money in my wallet was transferred away. help me." "Until we see an answer from keep3r allow me not to trust Certik after I invested a lot of money in projects that they audited. I invested money based on their flawless audits and the projects was hacked. Do you know what that mean?"

The Keep3rLink project claimed to be a fork of the popular Keep3rV1 contract. The smart contract hot wallet claimed to be audited by CertiK, and a fake audit report was put on the website. Participants never received their claimed tokens, and were instead presented with instructions to enter their private key. At least one user did, and lost all funds.


Where anonymous founders are the norm, and registration standards are not established, projects cannot be held to account. There is a strong need for an insurance fund to assist with any losses, and for a community to pursue justice, in cases like this.


Check Our Framework For Safe Secure Exchange Platforms

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