$70 000 USD





"Kaiju Kingz is a collection of 3,333 Genesis pixel beasts created by Augminted Labs sent to protect the Metaverse that live on the Ethereum blockchain." "Behold the KaijuKingz; larger than life pixel beasts tearing down a city near you. Our creed is to expand the Metaverse by supporting talented creatives and developers looking to break into NFTs. $RWASTE radiates in the core of our community, passively generated by Genesis Kaijuz as fuel for out Kaijuz. Demolish the old to make way for a new kind of community - a community of Kingz."


"Mint Date October 12, 2021" "KaijuKingz was spawned from the mind of CyberKongz holder and community member, OhDots, under his newly founded company: Augminted Labs. KaijuKingz hopes to expand its community with synergistic mechanics that foster competition and collaboration between Web3 communities. The collection will start with a mint of 3,333 Genesis Kaijuz, each granting its holder access to special perks and accesses. Genesis Kaijuz passively generate Radioactive Waste, which can be used to create Baby Kaijuz. Standing larger than life in a 69x69 pixel square, Kaijuz will have a wide variety of traits, types, and different aesthetics. Holding a Genesis Kaiju will reserve you a throne as a King of the Metaverse."


"KaijuKingz minted in October 2021 and has significant progress as a collection since. They have also gone through some bumps, such as a discord hack. Upon further analysis, we can see that the collection has a 28,000 total of ethereum traded on OpenSea. They have also collaborated with various established projects, such as PXN, Memeland by 9GAG, RaidParty, Possessed, and much more. They frequently give away whitelist spots for other projects in their discord. Kaiju has also had notable influencers invested into the project, such as Takoa, Banks, Champ T, Coco Bear, Zeneca, 9gagceo."


"At first glance, this seems like an anon team behind Kaiju profile pictures. But if we dig slightly deeper, we see that Kaiju is run by Augminted Labs. Augminted Labs’ team is the same guys we see here. If we visit Augminted’s website, we can see that the lead developer, artist, community manager, and developer are all doxxed. This only leaves Kekwin (another developer) to be undoxxed. Bullish sign for us, as majority of the team is accessible and we know who they are."


"Hey @Kingz, due to the success of KaijuKingz and how fast our official launch sold out, we have one more thing to give Kingz. SO WE ARE LETTING EVERYONE MINT 1000 KAIJUS FOR ONLY 0.15 ETH. BUY NOW! THEY WILL SELL OUT VERY QUICKLY! THANK YOU."


"As we’ve seen lately, the attackers posted a link to a fake minting page. Approx 32 ETH stolen from users before mods locked down the server." "@KaijuKingz Discord got hacked by the same group allegedly led by Hazema E. Do not mint the fake .ORG site. Do not mint AT ALL 70K USD already stolen. Guess Roblox being down left the scammers bored." "One green flag is that Kaiju has overcome their bumps, such as the discord hack."


"A team member's Discord has been compromised. We don't have any private or extended sales going on right now. Do not click any links DM'd to you by Kekwin or his bot in announcements. Our twitter account is fine and Discord has been cleaned. More info to come soon. Stay safe."


"Kekwin was swiftly banned from our server and the webhook was removed. Our old Discord URL of KaijuKingz was taken from us. Do not use KaijuKingz discord invite. Out new discord URL is 'kaiju-kingz' and has been updated on our OpenSea and Website and other socials. Our Twitter is completely safe as Kekwin had no access to it. We've removed Kekwin's access to our site and have pushed a new update to it that will replace our Discord link."


"Hello @everyone - please read this and be on alert for this new scam, in this Discord and in every other one you're involved in. Some major Discord servesrs have been hit with this scam (I believe TopShot just got targeted) - you can never be too careful. Remember - be hyper vigilant."


"It appears as though scammers are exploiting lax controls around Discord integrations to gain access to the bot / Discord server."


"Be wary of announcements that are posted by bots! Verify that the community founders or admins are posting, especially when it comes to minting. Be especially careful of announcements to the effect of 'Stealth mint!' especially when the project did not previously plan to launch a stealth mint. Independently verify any links that are posted. Navigate to the website in your own browser where possible. Be suspicious. If something doesn't seem right, or if an announcement seems to be a sudden change in direction, be suspicious. If the project is still building up its community and a whitelist is open, they're probably not suddenly switching to a stealth launch."


"Out Discord is now secure[.] We will be monitoring over the next couple of days to see if more actions are needed. For now we will have fewer channels and slowly re-add when we are certain that we are no longer being targeted."


"Our Discord is confirmed to be secured, we've issued refunds to any accounts deemed legitimately affected by the false link. Thankfully there were so few transactions that we were able to manually screen through them. Appreciate the support and love you guys."

The Kaiju Kings are a collection of thousands of pixel beast NFTs, which are rare collectibles that provide access to a specialized metaverse or the ability to mint other NFTs and tokens. On October 30th, 2021, their Discord was hacked through one of the team members who was anonymous named Kekwin. It is unclear whether it was a breach of malicious act from Kekwin, who was the only team member who remained anonymous. Over $70k worth of Ethereum was taken and the team has offered to refund members.


It is recommended to be extremely cautious of any links posted on Discord, given the repeated hacks of the platform. Users need to be cautious with any posted links. Always check any communication against multiple official sources of a project.


Platforms should be extremely cautious regarding the permissions which are granted via Discord, and limit the access levels to critical functionality. Discord should improve their security and offer multi-signature permissions for key functions. Ideally, public groups should be managed from an exclusive account which isn't used for anything else.


Check Our Framework For Safe Secure Exchange Platforms

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