$2 140 000 USD





"In 2019, a man with Fabio-like hair entered the cryptocurrency scene with questionable claims when he told a slew of people he helped co-found the creation of Bitcoin."


"Jörg Molt once claimed he helped invent Bitcoin and also said he was good pals with ​​Andreas Antonopoulos after a wild appearance at the 2019 WCC Vegas Blockchain Week conference. Molt allegedly went around the conference in Las Vegas claiming to be the co-inventor of Bitcoin." "Back in 2019, during the WCC Vegas Blockchain Week event, Molt told people he held more than 250,000 bitcoin."


"Molt, who is also a well-known DJ in Germany, reportedly told investors that the funds he obtained would go to BTC miners in Sweden." "His plan is to use 60% of all investments to buy Bitcoin mining hardware and generate steady profits with a Sweden-based facility. The remaining 40% is said to be kept in a safe account. In the worst-case scenario, Molt claims that funds can be withdrawn from the account at any time." "40% of the funds were allegedly kept in a safe account."


"Molt has promised to give 1 BTC to one of the random people who spreads his message."


"I'm Joerg Molt. I co-founded Bitcoin. Craig Wright is not the inventor of Bitcoin. I know well who Satoshi Nakamoto real identities are. Also, I have 250,000 BTC, and I will give 1 BTC to a random follower who retweet this tweet. RT and follow for a chance to win 1 BTC."


"The self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor named Jörg Molt not only offered a “Satoshi School” but allegedly ran a number of scams on the side." "The “Bitcoin Pension” closed down in 2020 after many community members started calling it an alleged scam. During the investigation, it seems that the self-proclaimed Satoshi never intended to invest the Bitcoins he received into mining. Even without malice against Molt’s divisions, his venture clearly lacks a viable business model to deliver on its lofty promises."


"[H]is ex-wife filmed a Youtube video claiming Molt didn’t even own a computer in 2008 when the Bitcoin network launched." "Kenneth Bosak has gone out of his way to expose Molt as a scammer. The clip Bosak posted on Twitter on November 1st, shows him pointing at Molt and saying that he is a scammer, followed by a brief scuffle in which there were a lot of verbal threats and no physical altercations." "After the story went viral, Antonopoulos discredited his claims and stressed that he didn’t know Molt at all."


“Apparently, a German person called ‘Jörg Molt’ has been showing a selfie taken with me and telling people that we are friends — This is a LIE,” Antonopoulos tweeted at the time. “I don’t know him at all — I have heard from others that he claims to be the founder of Bitcoin and has thousands of BTC — A LIE.”


"Molt is often referred to as Faketoshi more than his self-styled nickname. He shot to fame again for 15 minutes in November 2019 after he had an angry confrontation with cryptocurrency commentator Kenneth Bosak at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas. Many prominent crypto figures have the German DJ up to the task after he joined the list of self-proclaimed Bitcoin creators."


"The publication Bild reports the 48-year-old man was arrested by Bavarian police at Frankfurt Airport over accusations of fraud." "Law enforcement officials believe Molt has been behind some scams also involving a 54-year-old woman who was allegedly his companion. The Bavarian police also searched Molt’s home and found evidence tied to the investigation."


"Molt is being charged with defrauding 50 people for $2.14 million with a scheme dubbed the “Bitcoin Pension” project."

Jorg Molt claimed to be a co-founder of bitcoin, and claimed to have 250,000 bitcoins. His "Bitcoin Pension" project raised over $2.14m from investors that was supposedly going to be invested into mining equipment. It appears no mining equipment was purchased, and investors lost their funds. Jorg gained prominence as many people were fooled and gave him publicity as the cofounder of bitcoin. It is not believed that any investors recovered their funds. Jorg was later arrested.

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