$335 000 USD

APRIL 2024




"JiLL bOdEn 2024 pReSiDeNsUL 1 sT LaDeE – hOdL mE tItE, HoDl mE LiKe WoOmAn ShuLd B hEdL


DeV jEeT 4 sMoL pRoFeTs, mAy Be cHeEzBuRgErZ. JiLL BoDeN nO SnIf, SmeL gUd LiK wOoMaN. JiLL iZ hErE tO lEaD tHe NeXt GeNeRaTiOn oF sOlAnA mAxIs aNd DeGeNz tO sAlVaTiOn AnD vAlHaLlA.


PoWeRt tO tHe PeOpL!"


Trending #2 on DexScreener with a market cap.


"The Fake JILLBODEN on BNBChain is suspected of a rug pull, and the current token price has dropped by 100%."


"Be aware of this token! Team of this token has sold at least 591.597 BNB."

Jill Boden is a highly popular meme token which is a parody of the first lady Jill Biden. The meme token was launched and gained high prominence on the Solana blockchain. Another token named Jill Boden was launched on the binance smart chain, and gained a large market cap of $335k, before the token creator liquidated all of their tokens.

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