$126 000 USD

MARCH 2023




"Jairo Martínez studied at Colegio San Carlos and his university studies at International trade in the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University from Cartagena. From an early age, and characterized by his charisma and sympathy, he participated as a volunteer in events such as the Festival of Cartagena Cinema, Caribbean Music Festival and the National Reign of Beauty. He also participated in singing and dancing competitions, always standing out in these activities. He then traveled to the United States for a student exchange in the city of Pensacola, FL, where he studied Public Relations at Pensacola Junior College. Jairo moves to the city of Miami where he works in a restaurant cleaning tables and accidentally begins his public relations career when the owners discovered their ability to interact with customers by receiving them at the door. While working at Miami's “ Las Tapas ” restaurant, he started working at the already legendary Casablanca nightclub. In this restaurant he meets Angela Carrasco and to Chayanne with whom he begins to work."


"After working for Sony Music where he became fully involved with internationally renowned artists like Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Victor Manuel, to name just a few, and at the same time it starts with a television program on the network Telemundo called “ Rumba y Relajo ” where he covered notes with artists and night activities in different cities of the United States. His life takes a new course when he meets Shakira, and hers too. Jairo introduces her with Emilio Estefanso that they produce their new album and from this moment on Shakira's career shoots up internationally. Jairo becomes director of promotions and public relations for Estefan Enterprises where he was not only in charge of the artists of the musical house, but also of the restaurants and clubs of Emilio and Gloria. During this time Jairo created his company I Resolve, which has been in charge of promoting artists of great international quality."


"Shakira has been in the music industry for several decades. She released her first-ever music album back in 1995. Since then, the Colombian singer has never looked back. She has had the courage to try her hand at several music genres. Due to that, she has also managed to acquire a very diversified fan base. The Colombian singer has had several key people that have helped her along the way."


"One of those people is Jairo Martinez, her long-time friend, and ex-manager. In retrospect, Martinez is indirectly credited for launching the singer’s career."


"In the latest interview, Martinez shockingly opened up on the scam that cost him a fortune. Recently, he was seemingly the victim of a cryptocurrency racket and lost a humongous chunk of money"


“You think you know them all, but there’s always someone more cunning than you. You never finish getting to know people”.


"He continued, “I handed over $600 million and was scammed. Keeping my job has helped me to meet the debts I have that are many”. He also revealed that he was overconfident about investing in cryptocurrencies. Even after the major financial hit, Martinez continues working hard to pay off his debts."

Jairo Martínez has had a diverse and eventful career path, beginning with his studies at Colegio San Carlos and later at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Cartagena, where he studied International Trade. Known for his charisma and involvement in various events and competitions, he later traveled to the United States for a student exchange program. His association with Shakira notably propelled her international career. However, Martínez recently revealed being a victim of a cryptocurrency scam, losing $600m Columbian Pesos (roughly $126k USD). Despite this setback, he remains resilient, acknowledging the lesson learned about overconfidence in investments and diligently working to pay off his debts. No details about the fraud which he fell victim to were provided publicly.

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