MARCH 2018




"The world’s first Bitcoin ATM opened at a cafe in Vancouver Canada in October 2013. At the time, the price of one bitcoin was around $140."


"According to data from Bitcoin of America, the number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world has increased from around 450 in October 2015 to 1,590 just a couple of years later." "As the value of bitcoin continues to increase, criminals are realizing that these machines are likely to contain ever-increasing amounts of cash. Add to that the fact that they are usually not in very secure locations, such as banks, and so it is no surprise to see the number of attacks on such relatively easy targets increase."


"Two men in Texas (in the Dallas / Fort Worth area) are using bear spray to rob Bitcoin ATMs." "The first robbery happened around 10 p.m. March 22 at the Chevron in the 7200 block of North MacArthur Boulevard, at State Highway 161."


"According to Dallas News, the criminals — two men in their late 20s to early 30s — committed their first robbery on March 22, 2018 in Irving, a suburb of Dallas, when they went into the convenience store at a gas station there, used bear spray to temporarily blind the clerk, so they could then use a crowbar to pry open the Bitcoin ATM."


"Surveillance footage shows a man in a hoodie walk in and spray the clerk with bear deterrent — a type of pepper spray stronger than what's sold for self-defense against humans." "A second man follows and hands a crowbar to the first robber, who pries open the ATM. The accomplice stands guard near the register while the clerk wipes his eyes."


"The criminals then left the store with the ATM’s cash containers." "The pair then leave the store with cash containers from the ATM and speed off in a gray or silver SUV."


"Police described the robbers as black men in their late 20s to early 30s. The first was about 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, and was wearing a gray and black Nike hoodie, blue jeans and black and white sneakers. The second was about about 6 feet tall and 140 to 160 pounds, and was wearing a black jacket, sagging jeans over blue underwear, maroon sneakers, blue gloves and a gray Oakland Raiders cap."


"Police [were still] looking for them." "Police did not disclose how much money was stolen."

Thieves broke into the bitcoin ATM at a Chevron in Irving. Two large cases full of cash were removed from the machine, with unknown contents. No bitcoin was stolen. The thieves were not apprehended and stole from another ATM 6 days later.

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