$18 000 USD





"I was trying to swap mainnet IOTX(which is on binance) to erc20 to prepare trading in coinbase pro.


And there was problem on swapping tokens and this problem was on everybody trying to swap.


So i tried to find IOTX Support team on telegram group"


"IOTX Official support team and gave him my private key"


"Then after 4 days, he just stole 18k USDT in private wallet using the private key after i withdraw from binance and transferred to his binance wallet. Fortunately, i immediately contacted binance and froze suspect’s account and keep contacting binance with police."


"Now what i have is USDT withdrawl history(which is transferred to my private wallet) on binance, Scam chat link, Suspect’s identity(name, phone, sns, etc)"


"The suspect’s identity is real not fake shitty id. Suspect already caught once 2 years ago by his country police for similar reason(internet fraud) And now he is trying to unlock his account saying he is innocent on his twitter but he can’t even prove where the fund is from(my wallets are never related to suspect even before this case)"


"Funds is still alive and suspect can’t do anythings cuz his account is frozen now and he can’t unlock cuz he can’t prove where the funds are from. That’s better than worse tho.."


"Made with trading, from 5k Yes it’s really happens someone like me"

Gan572 encountered a problem while trying to swap mainnet IOTX tokens to ERC20 tokens. In search of support, they contacted the IOTX Official support team on a Telegram group and provided their private key. Unfortunately, after four days, it was discovered that the support team member had stolen 18k USDT from Gan572's private wallet by using the private key. Gan572 immediately contacted Binance and froze the suspect's account, while also involving the police in the matter. Gan572 has evidence of the suspect's identity, including their name, phone number, and social media accounts. The suspect has a history of similar internet fraud cases and is attempting to unlock their account, claiming innocence on Twitter. However, they cannot prove the source of the funds. The funds are still intact, and the suspect's account remains frozen. Despite the unfortunate incident, Gan572 acknowledges that the situation could have been worse and shares their experience as a cautionary tale.


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