$6 000 USD

MARCH 2021




"[O]n Thursday, March 18", a 26-year-old man was the victim of crime and deception. The incident occurred around 7:30 p.m. on Calle 2 de Mayo and Severo del Castillo in the department of Guaymallén." "It is located in Guaymallén, Doza province, northeast of Buenos Aires."


"The victim, only identified as F.T., had agreed via a telephone call to meet the two buyers." "In a first instance, F.T. believed the two criminals were legit bitcoin (BTC) buyers who wished to buy his cryptos in exchange for Argentinean pesos." "It is not clear how many bitcoins FT had agreed to sell to unknown buyers." "After showing at the agreed venue, the bitcoin buyers did not show up."


"The robbery occurred when the man was going to the place to sell the bitcoin virtual currency to some people and at one point some criminals surprised him and stole an iPhone, 120 thousand pesos and 2,500 dollars." "[T]wo men arrived and threatened him with a firearm. The two took an iPhone, $2,500, and 120K Argentine Pesos (about $3,800) from the victim."


"Per the local newspaper Los Andes, the individuals are suspected to be the same people who posed as crypto buyers."


"F.T. wasn’t injured during the incident." "The robbers took off from the scene in a van and left FT unharmed."


"After the robbery, the victim began to ask for help, attracting the attention of the neighbors who came, calling the police." "Local residents stepped in by calling the police who found the iPhone on the highway, not too far from the crime scene." "Hours later, police personnel found the iPhone in the weeds of a vacant lot on Reconquista street."


"The Fiscal Office No. 19 of the 35th Police Station intervened in the case." "The Attorney Office Nº19 of the 35th Argentinean Police Station is now pursuing the correspondent investigations." "No arrests have been made and the police are still investigating the matter." "[T]here are no arrests made, nor hints on the identities of the robbers as of press time."

A 26 year old man in Argentina (only identified as FT) thought he was selling his bitcoin when he agreed to meet 2 strangers in Argentina. Instead, he met no one, and was robbed of his iPhone, $2,500, and 120K Argentine Pesos (about $3,800). While the police are investigating, there is no indication that any arrests were made or funds were returned.


It is safest to transact with people you know or using trusted platforms. If performing a transaction involving a large sum, never meet alone. It is best to meet in a public place. Never bring a wallet with more funds than you are intending to transact. Using a multi-signature wallet can require two signatures. You can also take advantage of placing the funds in an escrow wallet while any transaction is settling.


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