$50 000 USD





"The app/website is called IDEEX VIP. I found out about it by matching with some asian chick on FB dating called Li Na. She seemed cool and and we talked and got to know each other. Said she lived in my area and even gave me some info on the area so seemed legit. Started talking more and the topic of crypto came up. I was excited to find out she was interested in crypto as I was very into it; not so much now. Anyways, she told me of this app and showed me pictures of how much money she had and how she made it trading futures on this app. She had about a million dollars on there so I was blown away and said take my money. Told me to deposit a but of money but not much to get a feel for it. Deposited some and made $500 by following her directions and at that point I was hooked. Asked her about her trading methods and if she could teach me but gave me vague answers. First of many red flags that I chose to ignore. Started depositing more and more and "winning" more and more."


"Once I reached about $20k in the account I told her I wanted to withdraw to test it and she got mad and said that I would be wasting time and that we could make more money by leaving that money ready for the next trade. Another red flag but I ignored it. Time went on and I kept making money through her help and this app."


"Forgot to mention that they had a reward system that if you deposited a certain amount of money, they would give you money. This will be important soon."


"I got to a point where I could no longer deposit money, all gone rip, but she would tell me that I needed to deposit more to reach the next reward. The goal was 100k and she would tell me that once I reached that I could be making 15k every time I traded with her. I doubted this but she showed me her recent trades and sure enough that's what she was winning. Told her I wanted to but didn't have anymore money. Here comes another red flag..."


"She got mad at me and started telling me that I would stay poor unless I tried my best and got more money. That my future for my family and I was at risk for not trying harder. Told me to sell whatever I could to make it happen. HUGE RED FLAG. What did I do? Absolutely nothing. Told her I would find a way to get more. She recommended I sell my car lol but that was how I got to work so no. She came up with the brilliant idea that I needed to get a loan. That I would make the money back in a few trades and to not worry. Never thought I was this dumb but I took out a loan of 20k and deposited into the app."


"At this point you can clearly see that my level of retard knows no bounds. Once I deposited that and had absolutely no more money and all this new debt, she told me that I was so close to reaching that needed 100k. (The "rewards" had added to my account and some trades we did brought me to a total of 70k) I told her I was done and could not deposit anymore and that I wanted to withdraw some money for bills. She told me how I was so close and that she would lend me the rest to get to the elusive 100k. Well she did and I was as happy as a man that finally reached the six digits could be. Yet when I checked the deposit history, I did not see any deposits worth 30k. The amount in the wallet should that I had more money but no deposit history. Strange."


"Finally I started feeling like things were fishy and looked up the website and found that others had been scammed. My heart sank and I rushed to withdraw all the money I could. Sure enough, I could not withdraw. My account had been frozen due to a mysterious transaction and I needed to prove I had that money before I could withdraw. They demanded I deposit 30k to prove I was not committing fraud or that I was not a terrorist. Yes they actually said this. I told the girl who I was talking to and she basically said she did her part by lending me that money and the rest was up to me. Told me to contact customer service. I did to no avail just the same thing them telling me to deposit the 30k or I cannot withdraw. I kept trying and trying and kept telling Li Na about it and she kept telling me to deposit the money or I'd never see my money again. I'd had enough. At that point I finally realized what I did and what she was. Confronted her and got nothing. She was offended by my accusations but she ultimately admitted to the scam. Told me I would never see the money again, that she was forced to do this, and then blocked me."


"The website/app stayed up for a while and I tried everything to get my money but it was no use. It was gone. I was pretty [upset] for about a week but realized there isn't anything I can do now. All my savings were gone and I had about $40 to my name and a whole bunch of debt. Accepted it as a life lesson, only thing I can do, and decided to at least let people know what happened to me so the same doesn't happen to them. The money is gone and I got more debt to take care of but I know I can recover. Hope this helps anyone. Careful with the scams on dating sites as it seems this is a common thing. Most people see right through it but others like myself get royally [damaged] due to having one brain cell."

sirarteaga shared their experience of being scammed through an app/website called IDEEX VIP. They met someone named Li Na on a dating platform who introduced them to the app and showcased significant earnings from trading futures. Excited by the potential profits, sirarteaga started depositing money and following Li Na's guidance, accumulating around $70k. However, when attempting to withdraw funds, they encountered resistance and red flags. Eventually, they discovered the scam, confronted Li Na, who admitted to the fraud, and then blocked sirarteaga. Despite their financial loss and debt, sirarteaga shared their story as a warning to others about scams on dating sites and the importance of being cautious.

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