$18 000 USD

JULY 2020




"That sucks bro, my BTC wallet was hacked about 2 years ago and I lost around 2 BTC and I felt [really bad] for a very long time but I made it all back, my only advice is keep your head up, there'll be brighter days."


"On paper at home bro, I also had a screenshot of it saved in my phone but could've someone hacked my phone and stole pictures? I don't know"


"That was entirely my fault, I saved my seed phrase in my email and my email was hacked"


"It wasn't that much, I bought some BTC when it was at around 4k and I got hacked right before it pumped to 20k"


"My Bitcoin was hacked and I just lost around 1.6BTC"


"Turns out my email was hacked (hotmail) and I had the phrase saved there also..you were right


I can't believe this, my email was protected with my phone number so I'm not sure how the hacker was able to access it."

Reddit user Ayyylmaooo2 reports that they lost bitcoin from their mobile phone wallet, which they ultimately believe happened due to a breach of their email account, which had stored a screenshot of their seed phrase. The total amount lost was 1.61302584 BTC which had a value of roughly $18k at the time. There is no evidence of any investigation or recovery having occurred.

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