$449 000 USD





"She had recently sold the man digital money in three transactions, each involving HK$600,000 to HK$700,000, according to police."


"[A] gang of men stole $448,700 in cash from a cryptocurrency trader in Hong Kong Monday (Jan. 18), the South China Morning Post reported."


"The trader had sold digital currency to one of the men in three separate transactions, according to the report. Believing he was interested in another transaction, she transferred $448,700 in digital money to his online wallet in exchange for the equivalent in cash. Three men with knives then reportedly rushed into the room and stole the cash and her iPhone."


"The robbery – the second such hold-up in two weeks – took place at the Ricky Centre on Chong Yip Street in Kwun Tong around 2.30pm, after the woman met a man posing as a buyer."


“Investigations showed she was paid HK$3.5 million in cash after using her iPhone to complete an online transaction and sell him USDT tokens,” a police source said, referring to a type of cryptocurrency.


“Soon after she was handed the money, three men carrying either a knife or a rod rushed out from a room and snatched the money and the iPhone from her at knifepoint.”


"He said the four fled after locking the victim in the office. The source said the gang could have carried out the earlier deals to win her trust and pave the way for the hold-up."


"The robbery came to light when the woman used her second phone to contact her husband, who then made an 999 emergency call to police."


"Officers found the woman safe and uninjured in the office. According to the force, the office was recently rented out on a short-term lease and only had several items of furniture."


"The source said the uncle of the woman, who drove her to the building and was waiting downstairs, saw four men run out and drive off in a delivery van before police arrived."


"Officers mounted a search, but no arrests were made." "Detectives from the Kwun Tong criminal investigation unit are handling the case."

A lady in Hong Kong was robbed of $448,700 in cash after selling her Tether to men she had transacted with before. Once the deal was done, the four men used a knife to threaten her and made off with the cash and purchased Tether. The robbers have apparently not yet been caught.


It is safest to transact with people you know or using trusted platforms. If performing a transaction involving a large sum, never meet alone. It is best to meet in a public place. You can also take advantage of placing the funds in an escrow wallet while any transaction is settling.


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