$25 000 USD

MAY 2021




"I'm here to tell you my story and hope you don't have the same thing happen to you. If it is happening right now to you, STOP immediately, do not deposit anymore money.


It all started around mid May 2021. I met this girl on Hinge, within minutes we were on whatsapp and she had unmatched me on Hinge. The conversations were very consistent, talking about life, family, lunch, dinner, ect. Ect... normal conversation you'd expect from a girl you are trying to meet online.


Then the investing conversation would come in , I didn't think much of it and told her about my personal investments in Lithium and some crypto, to which led to her telling me about her "XauUSD gold investments". She had mentioned profit and how it works. So I decided to give it a try, it was all my own account that I had created, sending money from Shakepay to my account on the Shengzhuo block finance. Due to the nature of how we spoke to each other, "Goodmorning, "Goodnight" and so on, I was sure I had a met a nice girl and got very lucky she knew how to invest.


So I started off with a small amount and made a bit of profit, she'd even shown me how to withdraw money directly to Shakepay, and it worked. Now I had some small suspicions of it being a scam, but thought "Who'd talk to me for 4 weeks to scam me for $300". So then, blinded by her conversations and words, I began to deposit more. A few times a week there would be a "Node" at an exact time of the day.. Ex : "15:35". At this time I'd buy in exactly at that moment, and sell when the profit hit a certain amount. We would both send screenshots of our profits to each other.


She had convinced me to sell all my stocks and crypto as the profit on XauUsd was so much more. So I began to deposit more and more, I had even withdrawn $2500 from the account and it deposited into my Shakepay, so at this moment (around early July) , I was fully convinced this was all real and I got very lucky meeting this girl. Then she deposited $6000 into my account to top it up to $30,000 so that I could make $4000 profit each node.. I thought this was generous, but suspicious.. so I began to ask small questions, to which she would always steer my mind the other direction. And I didn't think much of it.


Then one day I tried to withdraw money and the chat agent said(July17) "Due to deposit of $6000 into your account, the OSFI have suspected it money laundering, to withdraw you need to deposit $6000 of your own". (I contacted OSFI in August and they said they do not deal with money laundering or deal with small financial institutions)


At this moment I began to freak out a bit, I started messaging "Mandy", who was so good at scamming, they would twist my mind into saying sorry, for suspecting them of being a scam, it was pretty fucked up. And just like that, I was right back on board, fully believing that once I would deposit this $6000 I'd have access to this $80,000 sitting in the account. So over time I stupidly gathered the money and finally deposited this $6000. Then... what a surprise I could still not withdraw money. Now the system was saying I had to pay taxes on the profits earned. At this moment I didn't know what to do, I was breaking down and didn't know what to do. Yet STILL Mandy was trying to make me feel bad about suspecting her for being a scam, but I'd finally caught on. Too bad it took me almost 3 months and $25,000 to figure it out.


I contacted the Canadian Anti Fraud Agency and the local police. The Anti Fraud Agency told me that this is currently being reported thousands of times.


Please. Do not let this happen to you. If you are reading this and are currently having it happen to you, please stop talking to them. Withdraw your money.(if possible) No matter what they say.


I learned this lesson the very expensive hardway. I hope by reading this it can save other people too.


Thanks for reading."

Reddit user nholding thought he had met the girl of his dreams, and was making a lot of money from an online investment. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

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