$48 000 USD

APRIL 2020




"Hegic is an options protocol taking a fresh approach to minting and trading options." "Trade non-custodial options for profits or to hedge your positions. Enjoy fixed price and unlimited upside of the options contracts. No registration, KYC or email required.". "Traders and holders can use options on Hegic to insure against price volatility. Consider ETH is worth $500, and a user buys an option contract, which enables them to sell one ETH for 500 DAI within some time window. If ETH price tanks to $400, the user can safely exercise the contract, liquidating their position for 500 DAI." "Hegic Protocol V1 code has been audited by @trailofbits. Security audit includes HegicOptions, HegicCallOptions, HegicPutOptions, ETHPool and ERCPool contracts."


"Hegic made its debut on the mainnet on 23rd April 2020, hours after going live, they claimed to have a bug in the smart contract. The bug locked user funds into expired options contracts, rendering them permanently inaccessible. Up to $48,000 worth of funds were forever locked up in the platform’s smart contract." "All found issues were fixed and now IT IS MUCH SAFER TO USE THE CONTRACTS!"


"The options platform Hegic wasn’t attacked by anyone, yet a typo in the project’s code led to freezing users’ assets." "It’s NOT a security issue. It’s an incorrect function name (optionIDs instead of optionsIDs). This function unlocks liquidity in expired contracts. If it doesn’t work, funds are just forever locked. It can’t be used by a malicious actor. @trailofbits did their job well."


"Trail of Bits was not so happy that Hegic claimed they had “audited” the smart contract. CEO Dan Guido asked them in a tweet: “Please stop holding up a 3-day code review as an ‘audit’ that proves the code is safe.”"


"Hegic’s founder reimbursed everyone who suffered."


"As the liquidity is [forever] locked on the old contracts with a bug, all the LPs who have suffered losses due to the bug have received a 100% refund. Those who have closed their options early, have also received a 100% refund. $47,765 in total was paid out to LPs & holders."

Customer funds on the Hegic Exchange platform were locked up due to a typo in the smart contract. The platform had requested a code review by an auditing firm, and that firm failed to notice the issue at the time.


In the end, the amount lost was not that significant (compared to other incidents) and was fully reimbursed by Hegic.


Smart contracts are generally too complex to prove that they are error-free. Storage in offline multi-signature wallets is generally simpler and possible to validated. It's important to always test that wallets are set up correctly.


Check Our Framework For Safe Secure Exchange Platforms

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