$933 000 USD

MARCH 2023




"An innovative AI-based project that optimizes the trading process for maximum profit & rewards users with a fixed payout of 4.81% of the deposit every day!"


"Increase your capital with Harvest Keeper bot with artificial intelligence by 101% in just 21 days 4.81% - a fixed daily reward that any Harvest Keeper user receives every day 8% - a referral reward (5% of the 1st level referrals, 3% of the 2nd level referrals)"


"The protocol works in cooperation with the Harvest Keeper trading bot with artificial intelligence, which completely eliminates the human factor in trading, creates the possibility to generate profits 24/7, analyzes patterns, risks, incidents and factors associated with past experiences with the help of algorithms, as well as provides decision-making only from objective data, excluding assumptions and hypotheses."


"The Harvest Keeper Protocol has a built-in algorithm for automatic retention of trading profits for the provision of an insurance fund, which guarantees to cover 100% of each user's investment. The protocol allocates a certain amount of insurance fund to each wallet, this ensures that your investments will be fully secured."


"Harvest Keeper never controls your assets and is not a platform for storing assets. By connecting a wallet, you automatically get full access to your assets and can use the platform while maintaining full control over your assets."


"Our protocol ensures that this rate of rewards is secured. From the daily trading of the Harvest Keeper bot with artificial intelligence, funds are automatically deposited into the Treasury, which holds a volume of additional funds that ensure a fixed percentage. Even if the bot trades at less than 4.81% profit per day, funds will be allocated from the Treasury, which are held there in a significant reserve to maintain the protocol."


"We have seen suspicious activity related to this project. At 2023–03–17 16:18:50 (UTC), getAmount() function was called by the owner (remember they have renounced owner) and fetched BNB into the wallet of the contract owner. assert After that swap on Pancakeswap to USDT."


"On March 18, Thailand time We received reports from many people. Along with the Harvest Keeper anomaly report, we have begun an investigation to find out more. We have gathered the following anomalies and questions and questions about the project."


"We have detected a potentially suspicious activity of the Harvest Keeper project, please read this thread for details." "Clarify that we do not have any benefit in connection with the Harvest Keeper project and that we have done KYC perform for that only."


"The smart contract audit was reviewed by @contractwolf_io and they said an audit is passed with only low issues about Floating Pragma (SWC-103)"


"Many victims have reported the matter to SECURI LAB (Thailand) Incident Response Team and provided the same destination address. along with informing the transaction id number to us"


"We have been notified by many users who have fallen victim to this scam. We’ve found that it’s very likely that besides withdrawing the money from the contract, in the case of the getAmount() function call, we encountered an abnormality when pressing the Harvest button on the harvest keeper’s ui interface. Other contract rights, when permitted, transfer assets to an unknown destination address:"


"We would like to inform you that we reported to BNB Chain about this crime on March 19, 2023, and it is believed that our report has been sent to the BNB Chain security team. And the last thing We found was that the way to contact the Harvest keeper was all closed. Website, Twitter, Telegram Chat, Telegram Chanel, Discord"


"Update on the incident and tracking funds flow and confirmed all social media account that is related to Harvest Keeper has already been deleted" "And we have disclosed information about KYC on our website."

Harvest Keeper launched a project which promised a lucrative 4.81% fixed rate of return, which was generated from the "Harvest Keeper bot with artificial intelligence" which was supposedly guaranteed from an insurance fund and treasury. Many users joined and contributed their funds. KYC was submitted by a Spanish citizen. On March 17th, the smart contract, which had only a single audit by a firm @contractwolf_io, was exploited by the owner to remove the funds. All social media was deleted shortly thereafter. It is not clear whether any funds have been recovered.

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