$3 000 USD





"Unfortunately most WON'T. Speaking from experience, like myself a few days ago. Thinking I work in this field I'm knowledgeable enough, aware of the tactics, there's no way I could get scammed by a phishing app or something so obviously a scam.


Until one day, you do."


"So, as per the title I just lost 1.04 ETH


I basically downloaded a fake ronin wallet mobile app on Google play store and generated a seed phrase from it. I then proceeded to deposit ETH from to the Ronin wallet I generated from the app thinking Ronin wallet should have both mobile app and browser extension. Idiot right? I know.


Woke up to see all my axies gone. https://imgur.com/gallery/Tb581lm


Literally created a wallet for them with the seed phrase, put my funds in there and went to sleep.


You'd never think you'd fall victims for such scams until you do. I admit I'm the idiot who did not double check every step while handling my own assets. But before all of you pile on with all the why's, do's and don't, or about the amount of warnings around, I'm fully aware of all the scams there are out there. What's done is done, all the questions won't bring my assets back. What im here to do is spread awareness even though you think this is an obvious scam. Me too, I'm not oblivious to it.


It was just a moment of carelessness. It's still up on the android app store, and yes I know everything about the app is a red flag, but understand that I was doing it on both mobile desktop while working at the same time.


The fact that my day job involves dealing with scams is even more embarrassing to admit. This proves that even the knowledgeable CAN and WILL fall victims to such scams with just a few missteps. It's not just the gullible and or ignorant that fall victim.


This is an expensive lesson for me, 2.5k USD can feed a family for a few months where I come from, SEA country if it matters. Oh well. Life goes on. Definitely feels bad though, going back to work is gonna feel awkward."


"Me too! I always check but then again I was multi tasking on both phone and desktop that time around. Again, a few misdirected attention is all the scammer needs."

ainamania worked in security and felt they knew all the scams. They were busy at work and downloaded an apparent Ronin wallet from the Google Play store. After transferring their funds into the wallet, they suddenly found they were stolen. They decided to post about it on Reddit.

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