$5 000 USD





"Got scammed $5,000 in a crypto mining scam. Feeling depressed. Feeling like a stupid piece of shit.


What transpired was:


I was in an official crypto miner group of a mining company on Telegram. I messaged in the group asking about the payment process. A person in the group direct messages me about the question. Says he’s from the US. He recommends I ask the admin of the official crypto group if there are any miners to buy. He sends me the contact card of the admin - which is “[company name] admin will never Direct Message you first”. This “admin” is also in the official telegram group so I thought it was legit. I message the admin if there is any stock left. She says yes there is. She sends me a QR code and I take too long to pay, after a while she says no stock. Next day she messages me says there is actually stock as other buyers did not buy it. I pay for the first miner. She says 2nd miner is 50% off because it is the last item. She then deletes the whole chat and the chat history disappears. The person who initially messaged me, that chat history also disappears. I was actually already feeling depressed at the time it happened so I was not thinking rationally and really just wanted the miners. Now i feel more depressed.


I am not sure if i can be successful in life If I like a child fell for such a scam."


Got scammed $5049 in a crytpo miner scam…feel depressed and worthless. by in Scams

paradisemorlam fell victim to a crypto mining scam and lost $5,049. They had been in a Telegram group of a mining company and received a direct message from someone claiming to be from the US. The scammer recommended contacting the admin of the official group to purchase miners, providing a contact card that seemed legitimate. After paying for the first miner, the scammer deleted the chat and disappeared. The victim is feeling depressed and questioning their ability to succeed in life after falling for the scam.

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