JULY 2021




"Ezwebx.com pretends to be a crypto exchange."


"The website is fake. Do Not Use!!!!!"


"I messed up and got talked into putting money in. I realized too late that the money doesn’t come out."


"The name was Li na. Area code 707. 9770337"


"I asked it why I didn't get my withdrawal and received a message "WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30TH.""


"I’m an amateur at investing so I fell for the scam. Im sure had I been more experienced I would have spotted this. I’m posting on here in hopes of protecting other people. I already lied a report with the FTC. If anyone has suggestions on what else I can do please let me know."


"Go check out the wallets for other coins like BTC. They’re fake. Just make up a fake amount you want to transfer along with a fake wallet. It processes like it’s real. If it were real it would tell you the wallet was invalid or that you needed BTC on hand in order to make it work. It’s all for show. There’s no ICO period until September 30th. There’s also no wallets under Coinbase or anywhere else to transfer EME to. It’s a fictitious coin and we we suckered."


"Thanks for sharing.. I also fall under same trap... I invested in some coin from ezwebx . Its like pre-ICO. Its going to ICO on sep30th, that's what I got info. Then only I can withdraw the money. Now I am not sure how to withdraw my money... more than $5000...Any suggestions?"


"i actually put 5k and bought EME at 0.06 now its at 0.25 but it shows how much money I made and it tells you the daily price for crypts does that mean I can't pull money out even at August 30 when it ends cause someone said they made money on it before idk if they lying"


"I lost money as well. How can we go after [these] scammers?"

The EZWebx platform claimed to be a cryptocurrency exchange, and appears to have been promoted through online dating scammers. Once funds are invested, it promised withdrawals after a September 30th ICO, which was a lie. No withdrawals were ever given.

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