$75 000 USD





"So yesterday, I realize my Exodus wallet Bitcoin Cash was all gone and thus began my investigation in how this could all have happened. I have concluded that the culprit is Exodus Wallet and here are the information and you can decide for yourself."


"For some reason, my post gets hidden so I am posting again.


You can read the full investigation at LocalBitcoinCash.org/news/26/ExodusWallet_Hacked(Scam_Wallet?_You_Decide.)


Update: I communicated with the Exodus support and I don't think it is an insider job. Nevertheless, I would still like to warn other users about the backup email issue as it is a security problem. We don't know the routes (and who had access to) that email took to reach your mailbox. I wasn't in the mood to continue the discussion and would just want to put the whole thing behind me and move on."


"I have personally seen several instances where Malwarebytes said a machine was clean, but TDSSKiller found a rootkit infection. It only takes 1 minute to scan, so I recommend it. I also recommend scanning with one other anti-malware program.


No one program - like Malwarebytes - is 100% foolproof. In fact, some malware will deliberately cripple a program like Malwarebytes so it appears that your machine is clean."

Reddit user MobTwo reports that their Exodus Wallet appeared to have been emptied of all bitcoin cash worth $75k. The community is speculating as to the cause of the loss.

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