$12 000 USD





"Hackers reportedly drained Tapang’s accounts of the OmiseGo and Bitconnect tokens that he owned, and likely won’t be returning them anytime soon."


"T-Mobile never added a pin to Tapang’s account as requested, and hackers called the service repeatedly in order to reach a representative willing to make the transfer. After the porting, Tapang was unable to access his phone number and had to do whatever he could to secure his holdings and rescue his accounts."


"Just last Sunday, a Washington man filed a lawsuit against T-Mobile for failing to protect his phone number, which eventually led to thousands of dollars’ worth of his cryptocurrency being stolen.


Back in November, Carlos Tapang was faced with a grim situation in which his phone number was compromised by malicious actors. The hackers were able to port his number to an account under their control on AT&T, and reset his account passwords most likely though SMS-based two-factor authentication.


According to a recent report from Law360, Tapang’s complaint involves targeting T-Mobile for their inability to provide adequate security measures to protect his account. The failure on the carrier’s end allowed malicious actors to port Tapang’s number out, and steal his cryptocurrency by gaining access to associated accounts."


"Meanwhile, however, as a result of T-Mobile’s failure to provide reasonable and appropriate security to prevent unauthorized access to Mr. Tapang’s wireless account, after getting control of Mr. Tapang’s phone number, wrongdoers were able to change Mr. Tapang’s password on one of his cryptocurrency accounts and drain most of the contents— 1,000 units of OmiseGo (“OMG”) tokens and 19.6 units of BitConnect coin (“BCC”), which the wrongdoers sold for 2.875 Bitcoin (“BTC”) and then transferred out of his account."

Carlos Tapang was a happy customer of an unknown exchange and the TMobile cell phone carrier, and a happy participant in the BitConnect ponzi scheme and OmiseGo network when his number was ported over to a different carrier. He filed a lawsuit against TMobile a few months later. It's unclear if any of his funds will be recovered.

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