"Welcome to the Ethereum Yield Project." "Powerful and expanding deflationary yield farming platform. ETHY is Ethereum's most powerful yield farming coin. ETHY's vault smart-contract executes strategies to maximize APY, reward holders, and Punish weak-hands."


"To farm, deposit Uniswap Liquidity Provider tokens, and receive pool shares. Those shares are locked for 1-4 months, then they can be liquidated back into Uniswap LP tokens. During this time you will recieve a percentage of the transfer fees on top of Uniswap rewards."


"Users are incentivised to stake Uniswap liquidity provider tokens. Fees from these tokens are farmed. A percentage of these fees goes toward the autonomous strategies like liquidating LP tokens, and performing an (`ETH-ETHY`) buy back (increasing the price). Any purchased ETHY tokens will be distributed to stakers/farmers"


"ETHY implements a strong deflationary force on each token. Every time an ETHY token is transferred, a small fee is taken, which is returned to the farmers. This mechanism incentivises holding and farming."


"ETHY holders will be able to vote on proposals– so long as they have staked liquidity in the pools. The community will decide everything from developer fees and site design to the exact farming options available."


"Featured in a Bitboy video, bringing many new faces to the projects... welcome!"


"The development team behind Ethereum Yield has remained largely anonymous, although one developer publicly identified himself as Liao Fu during an "ask me anything" session. During the Q&A, Fu stated that the team will be working with majority ETHY holders to jointly govern the project."


"Fees generated by the deposited LP tokens on uniswap will periodically be withdrawn by the contract; ETH and ETHY will be returned; The ETH will be used to buy ETHY from uniswap, increasing the price, which is great for all holders. All surplus ETHY will be redistributed to the farmers and small admin fee will be taken. This pumping strategy may be updated over time to an even more aggressive protocol."


"You can now stake ETHY - for up to 290+% fixed ETHY returns. Please note you can only have one active stake per account. Once you commit for stake period there is no early unstaking."


"In December 2020, Ethereum Yield announced that it would be launching Ethereum Stake (ETHS), which will enable more advanced staking such as Ethereum 2.0 validator staking. It has also unveiled a custom aggregator and that it will be adding a Dai (DAI) farming pool."


"Our transition from a yield farming project to a comprehensive crypto trading blog was driven by our commitment to empowering and educating our readers. We recognized the need for a reliable, user-friendly, and engaging platform that could help both beginners and experienced traders navigate the ever-evolving crypto market. Thus, the Ethereum Yield Project was reborn as a blog about crypto trading."

Ethereum Yield proposed a new yield farming smart contract where users could deposit ethereum to earn a yield. As part of the project, significant taxes applied to withdrawals from the smart contract, meaning that users could not withdraw without facing that penalty. The project was heavily promoted by influencers including BitBoy. Within a couple of months, the Telegram group associated with the project had disappeared and updates had stopped being posted to the project's Twitter account. The website eventually disappeared close to a year later.

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Telegram: Contact @ethereumyield (Apr 30)
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