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MAY 2021




"Julie Bushnell said she felt ashamed and embarrassed after falling for a Bitcoin fraud that cost her £9,000.


It used the name of entrepreneur Elon Musk and a story on a fake BBC website suggesting she could double her money in a giveaway of the cryptocurrency.


The Brighton teacher said: "I think about it every minute of every day."


Ms Bushnell, an investor in cryptocurrency, spotted an item on a website that appeared to use BBC News branding, claiming Mr Musk, the billionaire boss of the Tesla car firm, would pay back double the sum of any Bitcoin deposit.


She paid £9,000, which she had saved for a deposit on a new home. When no reciprocal payment arrived it dawned on her that she had become the victim of a scam.


She said: "It has affected me massively. I wish I could have that time back - go in a time machine and not make those couple of clicks."


"Ms Bushnell, who has reported the crime to Sussex Police and Action Fraud, added: "They have robbed me of my dignity, self-respect, self-worth and strength. They have sucked all the goodness of life out of me.


"I want to raise awareness of this scam so it doesn't happen to other vulnerable people."

Julie Bushnell, a teacher from Brighton, fell victim to a Bitcoin scam that cost her £9,000. The scam used the name of entrepreneur Elon Musk and a fake BBC website, claiming that Musk would double any Bitcoin deposit. Ms. Bushnell, an investor in cryptocurrency, transferred £9,000 to the scammers in the hope of doubling her money. However, she received no reciprocal payment and realized she had been scammed. The incident has left her feeling ashamed and embarrassed, as she had saved the money for a new home deposit. She reported the crime to the police and Action Fraud, and she aims to raise awareness about such scams to prevent others from becoming victims.

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