$3 000 USD





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"THE MOST SECURE PLATFORM EVER - With one of the most cryptic backend servers and secure platform to trade on"


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"Types of trade we offer CRYPTO AND FOREX TRADE crypto and forex, or digital options, have continued to gain popularity in the past decade, many ambitious traders see crypto and forex as their preferred choice of investment vehicle in this time of market instability


diamondfxpro's platform stands out as a leader among the brokers out there with a team that is made up of professionals with experience in forex trading, risk management, derivatives and international laws and legislation. Their combined knowledge and experience trumps that held by most operators in the market. diamondfxpro stands out as a one of the leaders in the industry, and here's why: Our trading platform is 100% web based and thus you won't have to download any software. This makes it easy to trade from anywhere at any time."


"diamondfxpro offers fast and responsive real time trading, with modern platform and plugins to help make your trading easier. diamondfxpro allows riskfree trades with free risk management system and learning plans to increase your trade knowledge. diamondfxpro has the latest encrytion and data protection technologies in the business, keeping your account safe and secure. With expert traders available to premuim account holders, we help you manage your capital for trade and reduce total loss. You can choose an insurance trading scheme, where 55% of your capital will be safe and free risk trade will be activated. Our transactions are fast and haslle free, for both withdrawals and deposit, we offer a variety of methods for ease."


"diamondfxpro is one of the leading crypto and forex brokers in the industry. With a high payout of 81% on crypto and forex contracts, we offer the most generous payouts in the industry.. The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all of your funds."


"This place is a scam. Honestly they got me for $3,300 and honestly I'm still ashamed of myself for letting it happen. It happened through WhatsApp they tell you they are a bitcoin broker company and tell you their ratios and have you pay a few signal fees that were never mentioned when first chatted. Of course I was amused because of the profit that was showing on the website. This lady Debbie Mac or she so called. Sent me a photo of Georgia license and the front of a debit card to get me to believe her and it worked but I made the mistake of not saving the photos before they unsent them. So my money is just stuck on the website or whatever wallet I sent it to. I usually do my research on stuff like that but I was at work at the time and everything was going so smooth. Learned my lesson next time to slow it down."


"Anyone needs proof I got some screenshots of our chat messages and the website with my money on it" "It was Bitcoin not digibyte."


"This happened around October 2021 and they still trying to get more money from me. I'm still trying to get the money back. If anyone out there wants to feel charitable and send me some spare money would be great. I had sent them almost all my savings. I was saving for my own apartment. My CashApp is $Deeswagg20. Would be much appreciated."


"scammers. More education is needed for combating this."


"You sent them DGB? What is your DGB wallet address? The proof should be in the blockchain. I am confused why your in DGB subreddit with a cash app asking for help. You got scammed out of DGB ok I will donate one DGB like I do to the DGB foundation. I hate to see my fellow DGB comrades fall and will help with a small donation of DGB. If everyone in the community gives you one DGB that is 45,000 DGB. You lost cash that’s on you, no DGB donation. No one can make 79-88% per week guaranteed they have SCAM written all over them. I would contact the FBI in all seriousness they need to be shut down and they need to go to jail. Sorry you got scammed please do you due diligence the cryptocurrency underworld is ruthless the scammers want to take your coins they know getting them back is almost 99% impossible. I was surprised the FBI got the bitcoin back they paid the hackers from the colonial pipeline scam in the US. That is why all of these major scams use bitcoins and alt coins, please be more careful next time my friend"

Reddit user WonderWolf46 reports that after investing with DiamondFxPro, his money was simply taken.

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