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"DDEX is a decentralized exchange platform but are in the process of expanding into decentralized lending so that they can offer their users the ability to create leveraged long and short positions. They're currently beta testing their decentralized margin exchange."


"On 12:54 am September 18th, the security researcher samczsun notified us of a potential vulnerability on a contract we used to beta test margin and lending functionality."


"By relying on an on-chain decentralized price oracle without validating the rates returned, DDEX and bZx were susceptible to atomic price manipulation. This would have resulted in the loss of liquid ETH in the ETH/DAI market for DDEX, and loss of all liquid funds in bZx. Fortunately, no funds were actually lost."


"In the case of DDEX and bZx, it was possible to take out a loan that appeared to be sufficiently collateralized, but was in fact undercollateralized."


"The exploit worked by drastically altering the DAI price of uniswap and eth2dai, the two projects we used to source DAI price. In a simulated contract call, samczsun used approximately 25000 of ETH to drastically alter the price of DAI, which allowed borrowing to occur with very little actual collateral, resulting in a profit of approximately 70 ETH. Samczsun’s excellent post provides more detail."


"The fix was deployed and verified at 5:50 am September 18th. No funds were lost." "The DDEX team fixed this by deploying a new oracle which places sanity bounds on the price of DAI, currently set to 0.95 and 1.05." "We are extremely impressed with and grateful of samczsun’s research and disclosure, and are rewarding this find with a bug bounty of $10,000."

The DDEX originally launched their lending platform with a vulnerability which would have allowed an attacker to manipulate the price of funds, which could have been used to empty the exchange platform.


The issue was fixed before it resulted in any loss to any users.


No user funds were lost in this case.


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