"FOMO keeps growing strongly on the Solana Blockchain and this is yet another great opportunity to catch an early gem, especially if you have missed top collections like Degen Ape Academy, Solana Monkey Business, Thugbirdz, Abstratica and so on."


"As big lovers of Art’s creation and the way NFTs play a role in this brand new world, we’ve decided to create our own non-fungible token, the Dazees."


"Dazee is an astonishing art collection of 2000 NFTs uniquely generated on the Solana Blockchain. All artworks are immersive and unique. They offer massive moments of joy due to a brilliant combination of random motion moves of any tone."


"By playing around with multiple tools at our disposal, we’ve come across a fresh, relaxing and mesmerizing combination of ink water and smoke.


We’ve loved them even more when one of our kids asked: “Wow, what’s that dad? It looks so cool!”. That very same moment was the trigger to keep going forward and embrace the challenge."


"Remember, all artworks are handmade and unique. They are all a combination of random motion moves of any tone: black, white, red, green, blue, etc. You get the point. This was made so we could get into the definition of rarity itself."


"I got rugged by DazeeNFT :( minted 1 daze for 2 sol, can you help?"


"We understand the rug denominations and do apologise for not giving the royalty free info since bare start. It was our main issue to not assume others could see artist work on web.


We will send NFTs to whom we’ve promised. We will chat with marketplaces and explain the fuzz.


We are not running away as we believe in this project."


"We embrace Bushido values such as integrity, honor, and respect - both for the art and the community. We initially received four @DazeeNFT to drop to our community."


"However, due to the lack of transparency before mint about where the art came from, and how it was created, we feel that Dazee runs contrary to our values. It was disrespectful to hide the creative process from collectors."


"As a result, our DAO has voted to burn the four Dazee NFTs instead of airdropping them to holders."

The Dazee NFT team found a compelling pitch for selling existing videos that they found online as NFTs, by claiming that "all artworks are handmade and unique" and "a combination of random motion moves of any tone: black, white, red, green, blue, etc. You get the point." Once the mint was complete, it came out publicly that their team did not make any of the images but instead simply repackaged images that they found online. The community felt deceived, however it does not appear that any refunds of any kind were issued.

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