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"A decentralized, user friendly wallet system and a regulation-friendly global network of KYC authenticated users." "Dascoin is a well-known cryptocurrency that trades using the ticker symbol DASC. It uses the DPoS algorithm and Delegated Proof of Stake for mining new coins. Dascoin was founded on 2018-06-01." "[I]ts unique hybrid model features a consortium blockchain of authenticated peers which delivers a community of know-your-customer-authenticated users (KYC)."


"DasCoin launched in 2016 through Coin Leaders. Soon after, Coin Leaders was renamed to Net Leaders." "DAS was launched as an open source cryptocurrency in July, 2017. It was a pre-announced, fair launch of the DASH reference code. There was a small 3.35% development and bounty premine, with no portion of the block reward going to development."


"The founder, Truckman, brought his vision of a decentralized and secure DAS Masternode Network to an eagerly waiting community, which has blossomed in a very short time period into a cohesive business team. As Truckman focuses on source code and wallet improvements, several other members of the DAS crypto community have stepped forward to help develop other key areas of DAS infrastructure."


"DAS has made several large improvements since launch. These improvements to the DAS code have provided improvements to security and privacy, or they have facilitated use. DAS continues to develop with the goals of privacy and security first, and the goals of ease of use and efficiency second."


"DasCoin is a safe haven in the Wild West world of cryptocurrency. The vast majority of new cryptocurrencies simply could not stand up to a rigorous regulatory test while providing fast, safe, and secure decentralized transaction processing."


"The coin is at the center of an alliance referred to as the Das ecosystem. It combines blockchain technology with regulatory rigor, featuring permissioned users and masternodes operating within a strict Know-Your-Customer environment to anticipate regulatory scrutiny."


"Regulation is inevitable and DasCoin is ready to meet the challenge in both the U.S. and abroad. The ongoing cryptocurrency crackdown in China and warnings from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are a sign of things to come and will likely spell the end for most unprepared cryptocurrencies. DasCoin has protected itself from this fate by building Know-Your-Customer standards directly into its blockchain. With DasCoin, you can rest assured that your data is safe and anonymous and yet covered by the latest regulatory standards. This prevents future hassles that other cryptocurrencies are likely to face: fines, delistings, and worse."


"The good news is that regulation and other changing realities will be simplified by big data. This will minimize the need for draconian standards that most people will have difficulty addressing."


"DasCoin, the Currency of Trust, is continuing its rapid expansion and will now be traded on IDAX, marking its fourth listing on a cryptocurrency exchange. This listing was announced in late August, and trading begins 5th September 2018."


"With this listing, DasCoin can be found in addition to more than 40 other tokens and coins on the IDAX exchange, which also offers a consistently high trading volume. This marks the fourth public exchange listing, indicating an expansion of trading opportunities for DasCoin. The International Digital Asset Exchange, IDAX, is based in Mongolia, helping DasCoin reach new traders."


"DasCoin many advantages including its speed of transactions, offering a six-second maximum transaction time compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. It is also highly scalable, with the capacity to handle more than 100,000 transactions per second. It provides tremendous security, featuring a built-in bank-standard “Know Your Customer” authentication process that helps to build a verified network of users while simultaneously preventing fraud and money laundering."


"The minting of DasCoin is driven by NetLeaders – a community of empowerment, a new kind of network that holds the values of transparency, mutual trust and fairness at its core. And it is underpinned by WebWallet – the world’s most secure digital wallet, providing access to the global DasEcosystem platform and associated Blockchain-based services."


Talking about the business, Eberhard Wedekind, a member of the independent board of directors at DasCoin, said: “DasCoin has a global business. We are not trying to throw a coin onto the market. We have taken a long time to build, grow and develop our blockchain over the last two years. We are working hard to build a complete digital asset system.”


"DasCoin is a convertible store of value unit at the center of DasEcosystem. A DasCoin is produced and distributed in exchange for Cycles that have been submitted to DasNet."


"DasCoins are not “mined”, rather they are “minted” following a central authority ‘s better judgment of when it should be done to avoid oversupply or undersupply that can cause a DasCoin inflation."


"Initially, there were 8.5 billion units in their private, permissioned blockchain that are projected to last for the next 12 or so years. There are just under 7.9 billion now, according to their official website."


“We are learning from other initiatives and merging the best elements of these to create a better-decentralized system, encompassing a more centralized approach to build a hybrid system. In the end, there will be quite a massive shake-out of all the participators in the market. The ones with strength in execution and purpose with value will succeed and it’s our ambition that DasCoin will be part of this group.”


"Before prosecutors took action in June 2018, the operators had managed to sell some 100,000 “licenses,” priced at between USD 111.6 and USD 27,900."


"DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias’ defense of his Ponzi scheme saw him publicize a made up partnership with the Maltese government."


"Mathias (right) also threatened a journalist for accurately comparing DasCoin to the OneCoin Ponzi scheme."


"On the regulatory front a DasCoin investment fraud warning was issued in Poland, followed by a securities fraud cease and desist in BC, Canada."


"Poland’s competition regulator the UOKiK has warned the public about against the alleged scamcoin DasCoin. The watchdog also orders the token’s operator to cease its “illegal activities.”"


"The token was exposed as a scam in May last year, following on from a probe into the DasCoin creators instigated by Polish prosecutors." "The regulator said, in an official statement, that it believes CL Singapore, the DasCoin operator, “violated consumer interests.”"


“CL Singapore established, operated and propagated a network of independent representatives, called NetLeaders, rewarding them with a so-called NetLeaders Remuneration Plan.”


"Instead of rewarding token holders for sales, plan participants were offered benefits for introducing news customers – in classic Ponzi style."


"The prosecution’s investigation is still active, and some USD 11.6 million in assets have been seized from a bank account linked to a DasCoin operator."


"In October 2018, the Warsaw-based Trading Jam Foundation published a letter from the District Prosecutor’s Office in the Polish capital, stating that prosecutors were investigating the cryptocurrency’s creators for suspected criminal violations."


"The DasCoin Ponzi scheme has collapsed, prompting the company to shut down its website. Visitors to the DasCoin website are now presented with a hard fork message."


"After a hard fork of the DasCoin Blockchain on May 14, 2019, the existing network nodes have voted to support a new coin."


"DasCoin’s new scamcoin fork reboot has been revealed as GreenPower." "The GreenPower fork of DASC is simply Michael Mathias copy and pasting his DasCoin blockchain under a new name."

DasCoin was a centralized fork of the DASH blockchain, which functioned as a ponzi scheme.

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