$922 000 USD

APRIL 2024




"Risk Factors Mutable metadata Single holder ownership: 67% Top 10 holders high ownership High ownership Low amount of LP Providers Low Liquidity: $4.47"


"Solana memecoin $CONDOM ( @condomsol ) raised 4,965 $SOL worth $906K in presale and rugged before launch."


"CondomSOL on Solana has exited, and its Twitter account is no longer accessible. The wallet associated with CondomSOL raised 4,965 SOL, equivalent to approximately $922,000."


"On April 4, 2024, CondomSOL on Solana exit scammed, with wallets associated with CondomSOL raising 4965 SOL, approximately $920,000. Currently, its official Twitter account has been deleted."


"We're fed up with fraudsters on Twitter thinking they're untouchable. We're currently taking steps to alert all CEX and DEX exchange platforms to red flag the CONDOM wallet that still holds 4,965 SOL"

CondomSOL appeared poised to be the next great success story. Instead, the project rug pulled and didn't even deliver the promised tokens to investors. While many people were upset, there doesn't appear to be much interest in doing anything about the situation. A project called Future even recommended that the community launch a meme token anyway, however this didn't appear to gain any traction.

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