$2 000 USD





My CoinSpot Account Was Hacked on Monday November 8th 2021


This is the address where over $1239 of my assets were stolen, this is the address the thief sent it to , If anyone can assist please do. If you are another useless fool keep away. Unfortunately Crytpto is on shaky grounds if this person cannot be traced. That address does not appear on Etherscan explorer,does anyone know how to trace it?"

On November 8, 2021, a reddit user named borgy63 reported that their CoinSpot account had been hacked, resulting in the theft of over $1239 worth of assets. They shared the address where the stolen funds were sent and sought assistance in tracing it. Some users sympathized with borgy63, acknowledging that scams and hacks are unfortunately common in the cryptocurrency space. They expressed frustration with exchanges' inability to trace disputed transactions and the overall security flaws in the crypto industry. Suggestions were made to improve security measures, such as implementing a 24-hour block on transfers or utilizing cold storage. The conversation also touched upon the differences between crypto and traditional banking, with some users expressing a desire for safer storage options. The discussion concluded with borgy63 expressing gratitude for the helpful advice and wishing others success in their crypto endeavors.

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