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"Alright SHIBArmy, I'll keep it short, and I hope this doesn't happen to you.


My Yahoo, Verizon, and Coinbase all got hacked which led to some shmuck unloading my whole Coinbase wallet today. I started to get emails and texts with password reset codes and links from my Coinbase account this morning. Soon after, I lost all use of my iPhone (no texting or calling). I tried to login to Coinbase and my password had been reset. I log into Verizon for tech support and find that there's a new phone attached to my phone number. I call Verizon from my wife's phone to confirm that someone changed my Verizon PIN (authenticating with my Yahoo email), and ported my number to their phone. They then used my phone number to request password reset codes for Coinbase. Then came the quick unload of all my SHIB. The whole thing happened within 12 minutes.


RIP 30,000,000 SHIB and Paul Walker on this 30th of November..."

Reddit user ethanhunt444 reported that their Verizon phone experienced a sim swap, and was used to gain access to their Coinbase account. Once in the Coinbase account, their 30,000,000 SHIB tokens were withdrawn from their account. Verizon requested a police report, however it's unclear if Ethan has pursued the matter with authorities.

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