$3 000 USD





"I just got hacked on Coinbase (2fa was on)"


"I’ve been a crypto user for years. I’m strong believer in “Not your keys, not your coins.”


But, I was convinced that Coinbase (along with 2fa) was safe enough, for my to stake my ethereum for ETH2.


It’s been 3 months, and today someone hacked my account (presumably by spoofing my phone number).


I received a text message that my 2FA had been changed. Then within 20 min started getting dozens of emails that the hacker was using my saved bank account to purchase thousands of dollars in BTC. They also converted a few hundred dollars in dust to BTC…and within 15 min….years and years of dedication towards crypto…..GONE (edit: this may have been a little rash. 95% of my holdings were in ETH2, and apparently that has not been able to be withdrawn. At this point I've lost ~$500 in alt dust. Additionally, the vast majority of my holdings are on a Ledger hidden up my ass.)


The scammer now has control of my coins, and account….all I can do is wait for Coinbase to respond, and pray that I get my funds back.


Edit: it seems likely I got SIM swapped - my cell carrier was recently involved in a huge data leak too. Not sure how they bypassed my Google Authenticator, though…


Edit 2:After further discussions, it’s also likely that I got phished. I was also a victim in the Ledger leak - (thankfully majority of my holdings are offline) and I’ve been a target for numerous phishing emails. I thought I had been diligent. But, ya never know.


Edit 3: Would anyone else be amused that I am also a former Bitgrail 'customer'...? FML


Update 1: I spoke with Coinbase - they credited the $2000 that was stolen from my bank account almost instantly. Of corse, my bank basically told me to get lost and good luck. I genuinely give Coinbase credit for how prompt they’ve been. They even refunded the $2k, prior to me finalizing the account access. So, I'll update once I have regained access to my account.


Also, for those interested - I ran a full security scan of both my iphone and PC - neither of which seem have any threats detected. - looking as though the most likely explanation is a phishing breach (I'm embarrassed to even consider it), coupled with a data leak that I was involved in.


Update 2: I can’t believe that I needed to actually provide proof , as if I haven’t been here for years, and don’t have better things to do with my time (more proof )


Update 3: I purchased a yubikey. Coinbase will not compensate for the stolen crypto."


"They have a phone number that is available for accounts that have security issues. I googled it."


"I was involved in the Ledger data leak, as a result, I’m a target for a lot of phishing emails. I feel like I’m fairly diligent about receiving anything to do with Crypto, and fishing emails in general.


But, like anyone else I make mistakes, and falling victim to a phishing scam is possible, even without me recalling how/when it could have happened."

BradleyL shares his unfortunate experience of being hacked on Coinbase despite having 2FA enabled. He trusted Coinbase and believed it was secure enough to stake his Ethereum for ETH2. However, after three months, he received a text message notifying him that his 2FA had been changed. Within a short period, the hacker used his saved bank account to purchase BTC and converted some dust to BTC as well. BradleyL expresses frustration at losing years of dedication towards crypto, but clarifies that the majority of his holdings were in ETH2 and inaccessible. He suspects that he may have been SIM swapped or fallen victim to phishing, considering his involvement in the Ledger data leak and being targeted by phishing emails. Coinbase promptly credited the stolen funds from his bank account and he appreciates their responsiveness, but he mentions that they will not compensate for the stolen crypto. BradleyL also shares that he has taken security measures, including running security scans and purchasing a YubiKey.

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