$2 000 USD

MAY 2021




"Back about 54 days ago i was on pancake swap i had 1100 worth of bnb i then swap it for eth and then sent it over to Coinbase of course it never showed here is the tx hash is there anyway of speeding up this transaction?"


"If u sent eth in bep 20, its gone. Coinbase is erc 20. Coinbase does not support bep 20 tokens. I can tell already its bsc scan link. U needed to use binance bridge to convert eth bep 20 to eth erc 20."


"That is not the case. Unfortunately you didn’t do your research and don’t understand how the different networks function. Some people want to stake their ETH on bep20 yield farms because they have higher apy. Don’t play around with your money if you don’t understand what you’re doing. And always send test transactions. Sorry for your loss. Expensive lesson."


"You need to contact coinbase. Bep20 doesn't show up on erc20 wallets but it's not destroyed. It's just under bep20 label. So coinbase would have to help you to retrieve it."


"Future tip. Always send a small amount to ensure safe arrival then ship the rest after confirming the deposit."


"Pancake swap is a big pile of confusing horse[poo. I've] been doing crypto for 5 years [and] have no problems with other exchange sites[. P]ancake swap confuses people and most tokens on that site are scams[. I]f crypto is going anywhere there should be a way that when a simple mistake like that is made you should be able to cancel it by not being able to cancel it the mi[n]ers are the ones ripping people off with their ridiculous fees."

Spooky007x attempted to deposit $1,100 worth of wrapped Ethereum from the BNB chain onto Coinbase. While the funds were sent to the provided address, they didn't show up on his account. It does not appear that the funds have ever moved, suggesting that the amount has been permanently lost.

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