$6 000 USD





"I am using the official Coinbase website."


"I was hacked about 5 months ago [and] I let [Coinbase] know." "[T]hey even reimbursed the lost Ethereum by paying me in Bit[c]oin."


"The hacker tried [to access my bank account to withdraw funds. I had to make new accounts."


"Coinbase is [now] telling me I owe them $14,000 and won't let me touch my $5700 in BitCoin until I pay that amount." "I want to cash out but they won't let me because they say I owe $14,000 even though they reimbursed me for the lost ETH. I don't know why they can't see that."


"They are saying I owe $14,000 in bank fees." "I have no clue where they g[o]t that amount."


"I was informed on the Coinbase site itself. The bill is for bank fees caused by a reversal but I never made those requests. How the hell does someone rank $14,000 in bank fees?"


"I'm making a stink of it on Twitter and hopefully that will cause something but it might be that they are going to take all my crypto and even say I owe they money. I might have to go to court for this or something."


"I want out. Cryptocurrency is a big headache and there's no way my bank would put me through some bullshit like this. Other than sending support emails and making a fuss on their Twitter I don't know what I can do."


CoinBase: "It appears we reached out via email with a response to your inquiry. Please continue to work with the agent assisting you with your account."

Reddit user z0mbiechris reported being hacked about five months ago and informed Coinbase, who reimbursed the lost Ethereum by paying them in Bitcoin. However, z0mbiechris encountered issues when the hacker attempted to access their bank account to withdraw funds, resulting in z0mbiechris creating new accounts. Coinbase is now claiming that z0mbiechris owes them $14,000 and is preventing them from accessing their $5,700 in Bitcoin until the alleged amount is paid. z0mbiechris is frustrated with Coinbase's stance and does not understand why they cannot see that they were reimbursed for the lost ETH. Coinbase states that the $14,000 is for bank fees caused by a reversal, but z0mbiechris denies making those requests and questions how such a large amount could accumulate. They plan to escalate the issue on Twitter and consider legal action. Z0mbiechris expresses a desire to leave the cryptocurrency space due to the complications and hopes for a resolution through Coinbase's support channels. Coinbase responds by suggesting that they have sent an email response and advises z0mbiechris to continue working with the assisting agent.

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