$16 000 USD





"As the title states. I got sim swapped and they accessed my email and Coinbase account and stole all my Bitcoin. (15-16k) I caught it fast too. But It was all gone with no time to react since they started by changing all my backups and locking me out of my own accounts using the secondary authentication attached to my phone number and email.


They also made a large purchase of another coin (99k) But I’m still unsure if they were able to transfer as I’m locked out of my account myself.


Still not sure how they made it through my carrier to port the number. Other than I know they called in. But I even got a notification and sent a cancel request. But they just put it through again and it went the second time.


So just a warning to others. Lock your phone number and SIM through your carriers. And use cold storage devices. I didn’t use cold storage because I was afraid I’d mess something up and send it somewhere wrong and lose it. But I guess I should have taken that chance. Definitely would have been safer.


Time to start over I guess."


"Ported my phone number and proceeded to access my accounts just as described above."


"I didn’t realize it before. But after seeing it happen. It’s actually very easy to do. So unfortunately the attacks will probably get more common if people don’t secure their stuff and make it hard to get anything."


"That’s what I did so far. But I read that Authenticator has security flaws. Not sure what that means exactly. So I figured cold storage next time around."


"Just happened to me a couple weeks ago. And I literally knew it was happening within a couple minutes. That’s all the time it took for them."

Live4toys reports that their phone number was ported to another carrier after they posted it online. They reported $15-$16k worth of bitcoin was taken and that another purchase may have been made via their account for $99k worth of another coin. It is unclear if any reporting or recovery happened.

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