"Just trying to keep the paychecks comin and putting $50/week into btc in @coinbase on autopilot"


"I looked at cold storage never pulled the trigger or dipped a toe in."


"Had my coinbase account username and password reset after my phone got stolen. Lost 1/2 my net worth had been building for 5 years." "a bad actor got access to my coinbase account and just sent everything offsite to themselves. No recourse."


"They reset my username and password" "They figured out the passcode to the phone so they owned the phone. They used forgot username and password with coinbase and coinbase sent text verification which they received and used to “verify.” Within 5 minutes everything was sent to wallets that are being split and sent"


"Yes, phone was stolen and got into. Went thru my email saw i was a Coinbase customer and had my credentials reset then sent all btc and eth to offsite wallets just created. Sent to another wallet that is now splitting and sending to other wallets"


"Hey @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport how about reversing the transaction that wiped out my entire account when I got hacked? Notice how I never made a trade again? That good for business?"


"Lmk if u could use some help. Tbh I think we need to be doing this ‘across the board’ not just crypto but everywhere tech is disrupting traditional norms to a degree that people / customers (I don’t like the word users or consumers seems like addicts or dehumanizing)"


"Same kinda photos when phone stolen and accessed and Coinbase pass reset and transferred offsite.."


"Sorry Seth. If it’s any consolation I had 3 years of savings in Coinbase swiped after my phone was stolen and password reset. Being unable to reverse fraud in any way is extremely dangerous. Hope folks smarter than me are working on it.."


"Friendly reminder to periodically move assets to other wallets or offsite when % of Nw is so focused in one account/exchange."

shotford11 reports losing a significant amount of money through Coinbase after their phone was stolen. The theft appears to have happened in early November 2021. Apparently, an adversary with their phone was able to get into the account within "5 minutes" and withdraw all funds. From all accounts, it appears that they haven't been helped at all to recover their funds.

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