$250 000 USD

JUNE 2021




"My name is Coach K and together in our Membership CLUB, we teach you how to eat, sleep, and breath success!" "With our extensive Knowledge, Network and Experience we are able to offer you Insights you won't find anywhere else. Our goal is to motivate, support and inspire you to make life-changing returns."


"I am often asked how I am so confident in my analysis of the market. The sheer fact is that I spent 10'000s of hours on the charts. I have been full time crypto working with over 30 projects and have invested in over 200 in total. My fundamental and technical analysis has been refined for many years which has led to great success for myself and those around me. I live to see others win and after 100 millionaires were printed in 2021, I hope to print 100 more... Now whos with me?"


"Liti Capital is a Swiss Limited Liability Co specializing in Litigation Finance and FinTech based out of Switzerland. Liti Capital buys litigation assets to fund lawsuits and provide a complete strategic solution along with connections with the best law firm to help its client win the case. Tokenized shares of the company lower the barrier of entry for retail investors, give token holders a vote in the decision-making process, and distribute dividends to token holders upon the success of the plaintiff. Co-Founder Jonas Rey heads one of the most successful intelligence agencies in Switzerland, Athena Intelligence. His two co-founders, Andy Christen and Jaime Delgado bring operational, innovation and technical skills together to round out the leadership team. David Kay, CIO, ran a billion-dollar NYC private equity litigation finance firm before joining Liti Capital."


"Liti Capital is meeting the demand for justice in the market because. We have already received well over 200 requests from our community about fraud cases and the emails are only multiplying."


"One such example of a case currently in progress involves YouTube crypto personality, Coach K, and the fraud he suffered from a scam on the Binance exchange." "The con artist used a unique tactic: he created a fake identity, complete with documentation, did extensive research on “Coach K,” and found him in public to slowly befriend him over time. This is how he was able to gain trust and eventually walk away with the money. He directed Joel to JD Capital, with whom Joel has worked with before, about a fund of CertiK he could purchase. After some more convincing, Joel paid the cost of the CertiK and waited for a response that did not come. However, the con artist may not have been as sophisticated as it seems. "


"In our first test of actionability, we were contacted by crypto-influencer, Coach K, about a scammer who had taken off with nearly $250,000 worth of Coach’s assets. We mentioned before that scammers can be very elaborate in their tactics. We wrote here about how Coach K, someone with extensive experience in the industry, was able to be conned out of such a large sum."


"Two of Liti Capital’s founders sat down with Coach K to provide the details of how they were pursuing the case and how they were able to identify the scammer. They explained why current models of policing fraud just don’t work, partly because of the absurd notion that in practice they the model involves asking the scammer to authorize Binance to give the money back. They even provided a non-litigation alternative option to the scammer."


“The same tools we deploy to investigate international cases are the ones we will use to identify and pursue crypto scammers,” Jonas Rey, Co-Founder and Managing Director said, “My team of investigators and intelligence officers have found the con artist in question, his personal information, where the money is, and have engaged with counsel and security at his location. We will give him the weekend to reach out to us.”


"Coach K had strong words for the con artist and others who may think about engaging in crypto fraud."


“I don’t care about the money anymore. It’s about doing the right thing, it’s about making this industry more legit, it’s about getting all the people that are watching this video that are scammers, or that may be a scammer, never to think about it twice. Because we’ll find you, and when we do? You’re done.”"


"Liti Capital, a new startup, is a company that helps track down scammers and get peoples money back. They’re currently helping Coach K from Youtube get $250k back from a scammer and documenting the whole process for the community and to get their name out. I’ve sent them this link on Twitter, maybe they’ll reach out if they’ve started accepting cases from LITI/wLITI holders."


"Well it’s not guaranteed. They’re able to help Coach K because he had a lot of info about the guy that scammed him including police reports, wallet addresses, and the video Binance made the scammer make to get his account unlocked which included his face and passport. They’re a litigation finance company, definitely worth looking into. I’m pretty bullish on them especially after some of the follow up videos they made regarding Coach K’s case and all the info they were able to gather on that scammer."

Coach K is a YouTuber and popular crypto trader who has gained a significant following. In 2019, Coach K was approached by a scammer in person to invest in CertiK via JD Capital. After making the payment via Ethereum, the scammer stopped talking. Coach K noted that the money was sent to Binance, and followed up to attempt to recover it. However, he exhausted his resources and ended up giving up the pursuit.


Two years later in 2021, Coach K was able to request the help of Liti Capital, a firm which was able to trace into the background of Ahmed and ultimately determine the luxurious lifestyle which he was living using the stolen funds. Coach K offered that Ahmed could reach out and work out a deal. It hasn't been published what the outcome was, and what portion of funds were ultimately recovered, if any.


This transaction was undertaken without any third party exchange or platform participating. There was no escrow or smart contract used to secure funds.


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