$10 000 USD





"pretty chinese girl help you teach ultra short futures trading and make u rich."


"Same story intentional wrong number text whatsapp then talk you to download this investing app .i was able to withdraw $300 twice no problem.but tried to withdraw 10k it is still processing fake customer service wants 2% income tax {23,500}from seperate exchange within 7 days to be able to withdraw .i got scammed on this app.please be careful and avoid any uninvited whatsapp message .you might think you are smart but these girls are very smart and welltrained they will use their patience and attention to lure you with greed .greed makes you blind and you will end up ignoring all the redflags and trapped."


"I realized i was victim too late i am still talking to the crook playing dumb because she offered to help me 10k towards the tax in hope of stealing extra 13500 from me . Hope fully i can get atleast that 10k she got me with all my savings."

A fake CME Group website was promoted by a pretty Chinese girl via WhatsApp. Small withdrawals work, but the moment that large amounts are deposited, there are no further withdrawals available.

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