"TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD Hyper Deflationary Token with Smart Staking System. Hold, earn and help others in need."


"Our model rewards holders and saves money for charity each time someone sells. Our tokenomics include a CLU wallet with 1T, which is part of the distribution pool. CLU shareholders share 5% of each sell action. This is done to discourage selling and reward holders."


"CluShare is the first token designed with the users and a charity system built straight into its core. We've built a system designed to protect against whales, encourage holding and help charities around the world."


"CluShare is the first token designed with the users and a charity system built straight into its core. We've built a system designed to protect against whales, encourage holding and help charities around the world." "Part of CluShare's mission is to help charities around the world."


"CluShare holders are rewarded with 5% return each time someone sells. HOLD & EARN. Our system is built off safemoon protocol which is built to protect investors and discourage selling. Members who purchase during the pre-launch will earn an extra 1% of CLU per transaction If you need help with a purchase be sure to join our discord for support."


"The CluCoin cryptocurrency was officially released on May 20. DNP3 told Newsweek: "Our goal is to improve all of our community members' lives, while also making the world a better place through charitable donations. We donate all money that is earned from our charity wallet reflections to a charity of the CLU [CluCoin] Community's choice.


"While [we are] not a charity, we feel it is also important to have a very strong community. For that reason we established a community wallet with equal distribution. We're giving away $500,000 to a random community member for example."


At initial time of reporting, DNP3 said CluCoin didn't yet have any official charity partners. The founder has since told Newsweek that CluCoin has donated $125,000 to the Save the Children Organization and the company has been "talking to multiple prospects."


The founder of CLUCOIN just quit, while admitting he gambled all investors funds away. by gnarley_quinn in CryptoCurrency


"There is no easy way to deliver this news and this is by far one of the toughest messages I’ve ever had to deliver in my life.


Over the last year I got incredibly addicted to gambling. Every dollar I could find I would put into Stake in hopes of winning big. Even when the big wins did happen it wasn’t enough. Eventually I lost everything. In addition to my own life savings, I also irresponsibly used investor funds to try and “get my money back” from the casino which was wrong for so many reasons.


To all of my friends, family and everyone who believed in me.. I’m so deeply sorry. There aren’t words to describe the level of shame & guilt I feel. I can no longer live in this dark world and this is my attempt to break free.


I am now completely broke both financially and spiritually. My sense of trust in myself is compromised.


I’m working with a help group to start the path to recovery.


I will create a separate tweet which will have next steps for each projects I was involved with including CLU, Xenia, Gridcraft & Goobers.


I am sorry that I betrayed your trust. I am sorry that I did not live up to my values of integrity. I am sorry that I let you all down. I am sorry."


"Addiction made me do things I had no idea I was capable of. I’ve spent years building a brand off integrity and serving others. Addiction literally changes your mind and body. I feel so much remorse for the trust of those I’ve betrayed and will miss our friendships."

CluShare launched as a hyper-deflationary token with a smart staking system that promised to reward holders and contribute to charity with each sale. The token incorporated a CLU wallet with 1 trillion tokens as part of the distribution pool, and CLU shareholders share 5% of each sell action to incentivize holding and discourage selling. CluShare emphasizes its commitment to charity, stating that part of its mission is to help charities worldwide. The community is rewarded with a 5% return each time someone sells, encouraging users to hold and earn. Despite these positive aspirations, a recent revelation from the founder, DNP3, disclosed a severe gambling addiction that led to the misuse of investor funds. The founder expressed deep remorse, announced financial ruin, and is seeking help for recovery. CluShare had initially pledged charitable donations but faced setbacks following the founder's admission of mismanagement.

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