$172 000 USD





"Casper DeFi is a Multi Chain DeFi Suite, We’re here to make investing simple." "Casper DeFi is an all-in-one crypto suite, Our mission is to make investing simple & safe. We believe in building useful & unique dapps that will improve crypto."


"Casper Tracker is a Multi-Chain Crypto tracking platform. You can check live prices, liquidity, trades & more! Now on Fantom Opera & soon on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, KCC, Matic, Solana."


"Casper Farming will allow you to earn Casper or other tokens. All pools/farms will be vetted from low risk - high risk. Now on Fantom Opera & soon on BSC, ETH, KCC, Matic, Solana."


"On Aug-04–2021 07:47:57 AM +UTC our Solidity Dev named MikeEther, minted 200,000 Casper Tokens. He then proceeded to mint another 200,000,000 Casper Token to sell on SpiritSwap. This caused the price of Casper to dump more than 99%, making it effectively worthless."


"Mike was able to mint Casper tokens by adding a backdoor in our contract. He transferred ownership to our Company Wallet, but also left code which allowed him to re take control and mint new tokens." "Mike told [the team] that he actually didn’t make the contracts. Instead he hired “forkswap.org” & they created the contract, hacked CASPER & then sent him the money. We’ll let you believe what you want.."


"Mike was able to steal $172,411.75 worth of Casper Tokens. He sold the Casper tokens to WFTM & then proceeded to buy BNB with most of the stolen WFTM. He then bridged the BNB to BSC. Total BNB transferred was 516.559241667 BNB (The total swapped amount is a bit higher, however this is what he got due to bridge fees)."


"Next he swapped the BNB a few hours later to BTCB (tx1, tx2); and then sold his BTCB to the Bitcoin Network."


"We have come up with a list of steps to get back on the rocket. First off, we are going to finish up the Casper Tracker (we are in the process of getting a brand new UI & Assets)." "Once we launch the Casper Tracker we will proceed to finish building CasperPad. CasperPad will be the platform were we will launch the new Casper Token." "In regards to the Casper Token contract, we will make sure our code is audited & checked by trusted devs in the community & other agencies."


"New Casper tokens will be airdropped to old holders; a list of addresses will be released soon." "We will also add a fee to pools for repayment. Fee’s collected from the pools will be sent to our wallet, and then distributed to all holders affected by this hack at the end of the week." "We’re going to pay back holders at $2.00 per Casper Token until we have paid everyone back."


"Finally, I want you all to know that we are not forgetting about Mike. We have gathered tons of information on him (IP, Links, Wallets & More), and we have given him 12 hours to contact us or we will move forward with our FBI report. We will keep you fully updated on everything that happens." "We’re offering [Mike] a 10,000 bounty if you return the funds & we won’t release our report to the FBI."


"Mike sent [the team] a message on Aug 7th at 9:06AM EST saying “Hello Mate” & “I will return the money”." "Our Team also was able to find his real full name, address, family, phone number, place of work & more. We’re also not finished, If you’re wondering which wallet did Mike send the stolen BTC? Not a Ledger, not a Trezor, not even a hot wallet.. He sent it to a CEX. Mike later on sent us 4 BTC & .35 BTC the next day due the using the daily limit on a CEX."


"We agreed not to finish our FBI report if he returns the funds, which he did (He return more). So we’re going to keep a close eye on him & warn everyone about him, but Mike wants one more thing."


"Because we got the fund back everything changes, we’re going to still create a new token & launch it on CasperPad. We’re also going to airdrop all holders before the hack new tokens. On top of that we’re going to return everyone money for LP pairs. For example if you had SPIRIT-CASPER we’re going to refund you the usdc value of SPIRIT at the time of the hack. We’re still getting the snapshot & it will take some time."


"We have sent out all refunds to LP holders & Casper Holders. Everyone got a refund who was holding before the hack happened. Thank you all again for supporting!" "Now that we refunded people we're starting to move forward to get back on track! We have a lot planned this month! The following things we have planned: Casper Tracker Launch, CasperPad Launch, Casper Farms 2.0."


"We might be trending on CoinGecko but please don’t buy the Casper token until we release a new one! Thank you."

Casper Defi launched a simple investing platform where all funds can be stored in a smart contract hot wallet. One of their developers who made the contract added a backdoor durign the migration. This gave him the ability to mint tokens, which he used to drain all the stored liquidity.


Since he had worked as a developer, the team still had a massive amount of information on him. He was very quickly motivated to return the funds.


Minting contracts should always use a multi-signature wallet, and need to be audited to ensure this is set up correctly.


Check Our Framework For Safe Secure Exchange Platforms

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