MARCH 2021




"Total income: based on your tarrif plan (from 5% to 8% daily)


Basic interest rate: +0.5% every 24 hours - only for new deposits


Minimal deposit: 0.05 BNB, no maximal limit"


"Earnings every moment, withdraw any time (if you use capitalization of interest you can withdraw only after end of your deposit)"


"1. Important: Plans return are float and daily profit for a new deposit will increase by 0.5% daily 2. Minimum deposit amount is 0.05 BNB and you can have multiple deposits 3. Earnings every moment, withdraw instantly any time (if you did not use capitalization of interest)"


"The BNBStake smart-contract provides the opportunity to invest any amount in BNB (from 0.05 BNB) in the contract and get 112% to 292% return on investment in 14 to 28 days if the contract balance has enough funds for payment."


"Dividends are paid from deposits of users."


"All dividends are calculated at the moment of request and available for withdrawal anytime or after the deposit finished time based on plans"


"Each subsequent Deposit is kept separately in the contract, in order to maintain the payment amount for each Deposit."


"Haze Security is a 3rd party auditing company that works on audits based on client requests. And as a professional auditing firm, we check on the contract for any vulnerabilities, backdoors, and/or scam scripts." "In the BNBSTAKE Smart-Contract were found no vulnerabilities, no backdoors and no scam scripts."


"The code was tested with compatible compilers and simulate manually reviewed for all commonly known and specific vulnerabilities."


"BNBStake app? Son, I believe you’ve been scammed... there isn’t a separate app for staking BNB. Always make sure you’re using the built-in staking options which are in the Binance app."


"Just deposited some and did the 14 day contract. I personally think it's a scam. But willing to lose a little. If it works I'll free roll the gains. If not I'll report back. I'll be your guinea pig"

The BNBStake smart contract promised unrealistic returns which were generated from the deposits of other users. The smart contract obtained an audit from Haze Security and then launched. The operators took a 10% fee. The scheme presumably lasted until the smart contract ran out of funds with which to pay new investors.

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