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"Bitcoin mixing, also referred to as Bitcoin tumbling or Bitcoin laundering, is the process of using a service like ours to break the connection between a Bitcoin sending and receiving address." "In the near future it may be simple for anyone- including friends, relatives, employers, and law enforcement, to track every Bitcoin transaction you’ve ever made and see exactly where it ended up. Breaking the connection between your addresses and the coins’ destination by mixing them is certainly a precaution that all Bitcoin users should take. You NEED to use a Bitcoin mixer to protect your privacy and safety."


"Virtual currency is part of the here and now, but with it comes the need to “guard your wallet.” BitWhisk’s high volume bitcoin mixer keeps your identity safe by offering premium mixing service with the ability to handle even the largest bitcoin transactions." "Cleans the coins instantly, you can set the time. After the intial transaction you send to BitWhisk has 1 confirmations, the coins will be cleaned and sent back to you with 1 transaction immediately. The process can take up to 48 hours."


"The mixer had been operating for less than a year before it was closed. Bitwhisk mixed only 3 BTC in that period of time with a much lower mixing reserve." "Closing after 5th November. If you want us to stay you may donate, we need around 0.05BTC to pay server's costs for the next 3 months."


"Bitwhisk.io closed business in 2018 but the website is online again with different design and intention. Probably a scammer bought the domain." "All of a sudden Bitwhisk.io is online again with domain information indicating that the domain was registered last July."


"Thanks to @o_e_l_e_o's sharp alertness. He discovered that the so called Bitcoin Tumble was forward the same address to different users which translates to pure scam."


"So I have just accessed this website from 3 different devices in 3 different browsers and on 3 different IPs, and entered a different addresses to "receive" my mixed coins to each time. On every single instance, it told me to send coins to the same address, and they would be mixed and sent back to the address I had entered."


"If anyone else would like to verify they are also shown the address above, then it pretty much confirms that this is a scam. A scam so poorly set up they couldn't even be bothered to generate a new address for each victim."


"The address has already started receiving money from victims."

BitWhisk was a bitcoin mixing service launched around March 2018. Users could give bitcoin to receive mixed bitcoin. The service went offline around November 2018 after mixing just 3 BTC. Since that time, a fraudster set up a fake mixing service on the same domain. A small amount of funds have been sent to the fraudulent mixer service.

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