"BitOrbit Ltd is world’s leading high-tech and fastest-growing investment platform founded in 2017 designed to provide excellent opportunity to achieve high potential returns for your investment goals. Through diversification in Bitcoin mining and crypto-currency trading, BitOrbit Ltd offers our investor investment plans with real results and profits. We are the key to your success by investing in our platform where you will receive daily profit based on your investment option."


"ULTIMATE SPHERE OF YOUR INVESTMENTS. BitOrbit Ltd is ready-to-use investment platform made to assist our investors to become part of simplest yet advanced Bitcoin mining and crypto-currency trading Sphere." "The main goal of BitOrbit Ltd is to provide unique and safe platform, which deliver powerful and risk-adjusted maximum investment returns achieving consistent performance through extensive use of technology and relevant infrastructure"


"BitOrbit Ltd., is a registered investment company based in United Kingdom. BitOrbit Ltd has a growing investment leadership into Blockchain businesses and cryptocurrency trading industry with modern and safe management services. Our Company focuses to offer promising and stable return on daily basis with instant withdrawals." "BitOrbit Ltd welcomes all users to participate in our powerful and incredible affiliate program to earn lucrative commissions by spreading word about BitOrbit to your affliates, friends, relatives, associates and avail handsome perks."


"could you check for my account, it no pay for long time (from Oct-15) I have 9 pending withdraw, my account: kencosmos" "Last time payment was october 13th, possibly SCAM.. carefull"

In September 2021, BitOrbit Ltd (not to be confused with the separate BitOrbit social media platform) launched an investment platform, promising that they were registered and set up properly as a mining and trading company. At some point around October 13th, they stopped paying out any funds. The website remained offline until at least November, and Twitter also remains, though there has been no update.


BitOrbit promised unrealistic returns and was lead by an anonymous team. A lightweight framework as we propose could allow for financial innovation without unreasonable burden and fully protect participants.


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