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JULY 2021






Lost all of my savings to a pig butchering scam. FML. by pf_12345 in Scams


"I'm such an idiot. I can't believe I went through with this bullshit. I was talking to a "girl" online who started talking about how she made 10s of thousands of dollars a month through cryptocurrency trading. Immediately alarm bells began ringing, but after receiving a voice message and not finding any results after reverse imaging her photos, I began to trust her.


I was curious so asked how she did this and she gave me the link to a website. I thought it was dodgy as fuck but I went against my better judgement and created an account there, thinking it wouldn't hurt to try it with a small amount of money. Sure enough I deposited a few hundred, made a small profit and withdraw the money. Tried again with a larger amount of money, made a slightly larger profit and withdrew the money again. At this point I believed the website was safe to use.


So "she" convinced me to deposit 5,000 dollars. And then later another 5,000. And then some more. I followed the scammer's advice and trusted "her" enough at this point to not bother withdrawing each day after making a "profit".


A month later, I had deposited half of my savings. The website showed that I had earned a profit of several times my annual income. Then it was time to withdraw. I tried to withdraw and I received a message about needing to pay 20% tax. I didn't want to get in trouble for tax evasion so I panicked and deposited the amount they asked for. At this point the vast majority of my money was in this fake website.


So the next day I tried to deposit again. And this time it said I had broken the rules and needed to deposit even more money for a risk fee or the account would be permanently frozen. Welp at this point I had no option to accept that I had lost all of my savings.


It wasn't until a couple of weeks later that I managed to find other victims of this scam online, thus removing any doubt in my mind that I had been scammed and causing my to realise how common it is.


TL;DR I'm an idiot. Please don't invest cryptocurrency at the advice of people online."


"I'm not going to explain everything but initially I was able to withdraw more than I invested (about $300 - $400 more). After that I made some more withdrawals but never more than I invested until I tried to withdraw everything at the end.


Edit. On the 4th of June I deposited 584 usd and later withdrew 665 USD. On the 6th of June I deposited 2051 USD and withdrew 2348 later that day. After that I never withdrew more than I put in."


"[I]t definitely was enough to [mess] up my life, I am now left with practically nothing. The only thing I can do now is try to find a higher paying job so I can earn money faster."


"Thank you for the nice comment, I appreciate it. I have found it incredibly difficult coming to terms with what has happened and I have never felt so degraded and ashamed before in my life. I hope my post stops at least one person from making the same mistakes as me and ruining their life too."

Reddit user pf_12345 met a girl online who was into cryptocurrency investing. He was naturally skeptical of the platform bitcomex, but kept on being able to withdraw profits of hundreds of dollars on initial small investments, so he started to invest more money. At one point, he decided to withdraw larger amounts and was faced with a tax bill, which he paid. After that point, he was informed he had broken rules and needed to pay more money. He stopped investing and started researching to discover that he had fallen for a scam.

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