"I accidentally sent my life savings, held in LTC on Coinbase to a BTC address on Kucoin.


I know it was a stupid mistake, please only helpful or positive comments.


I already reached out to Coinbase and Kucoin support.


I’m devastated, I was going to use this money to start a family and a home and pay off my student debt. I’m an honest blue collar and this was the only way I saw out of the hole. Please any help would be appreciated"


"It is doable. You have to control that btc address tho. What you have to do is import that btc address private keys, import the same seed phrase, but on the ltc network to recreate a ltc wallet.


That being said, kucoin has control of that btc address and absolutely could do this.


In terms of crypto tho, they are not required to at all. Definitely reach out nicely first, use all different social media, nicely. They can.


I hope they do bud."

Reddit user deepfloater reports sending their entire life savings in litecoin to a bitcoin address. It appears that they will be able to recover it as the blockchains are compatible.

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