$8 000 USD

MARCH 2019




"Just after 3:30 pm on Monday, someone sent 0.0002 BTC ($0.77) over the network with a staggering transaction fee of 1.99555451 BTC ($7,720.51).


The transaction is one of just two associated with the Bitcoin address. The first was an incoming transaction a few hours earlier for 1.99576 BTC. There is no indication that there was any illicit intent behind the transaction, so for right now the assumption is that it was simply user error.


‘Fat Finger’ Points Out Flaw in Crypto Ecosystem Assuming that this is an actual case of ‘fat fingering’ (do NOT search for this on Google Images – you have been warned), this incident – and others like it – highlights a serious problem in the way in which we send cryptocurrencies from wallets. If these kinds of mistakes can be made by seasoned crypto users and developers, what are the chances of a new user making a similar mistake?


I can’t even close Microsoft Word without an alert popping up asking me if I want to save my work before I shut down, yet I can send large sums of cryptocurrency – worth thousands or even millions of dollars – over the blockchain with nary an alert to be found."

A transaction was sent on the bitcoin blockchain with a fee of 1.99555451 BTC, which was worth close to $8k at the time. The value being transferred in the transaction was very small.

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