$50 000 USD

JUNE 2018




"Hello, I have been impersonated and sim swapped, they hacked my emails, twitter, facebook, exchanges, literally everything including binance, which they stole 2 btc (daily limit) from today and will steal more if the account isn't frozen by tomorrow. They logged in and somehow disabled my google authenticator and I cannot get into my account, microsoft is working on giving me the hacked email back that is related to binance but they say it will take 3 days to escalate the ticket. In 3 days the hackers will have already taken my entire balance so I really need the binance account frozen now before they can steal more. Luckily I was able to freeze all other exchanges I had money on but please upvote guys I really need this resolved. Also if someone from Binance sees this I submitted support tickets under an alternate email but don't think that will do much and it definitely won't be answered within a day so please help me out :("

After reporting his wealth online, Reddit user BeanThe5th reported that his Binance account (among other accounts) had been hacked through sim swapping and $50k worth of cryptocurrency was stolen. He does not appear to have even regained access to the accounts.

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