"BeerGarden is a new exciting experimental Defi project. All contracts will be verify on BSC.


BeerGarden project is created on BSC network - one of the leading Blockchain platforms. At this stage BeerGarden is in beta experimental phase and BeerGarden protocol is based on BEP20 token Beer"


"Yield Farming in the Binance smart chain BSC." "Beer Token (BEER) aim to produce a platform that will help grow small businesses around the globe as well as enable users to become more financially free and have fun while doing so because saving money on drinks means more financial freedom to spend money on the necessary things in life."


"Beer is a community governance token for staking rewards. Beer reward pool will be reduced by half every 7 days from the beginning of each pool."


"The pandemic has crippled the hospitality industry and people are eager to get out have a good time, while still gaining momentum towards financial freedom and comfort."


"With Beer Token every party, consumer or business that participates profits from each transaction made by every other Beer Token user making it mutually beneficial to support for everyone involved. Beer Token's tokenomics benefit the entire community by means of non-custodial auto-staking & redistribution incentives, all which are geared toward compound interest for both businesses & consumers."


"Beer Garden Finance: Founder holds over 50% of the token supply in his personal wallet. When our community asked for more details such as a github link for the project, or timelocks for the tokens they were banned from the Telegram group."


"There are reports that the Beer Garden team has deleted the website and social media accounts. Please exercise caution when interacting with this address."

Beer Garden Finance offered a supposed community governance and yield farming token that rewarded staking.


The anonymous team disappeared with all funds.


In general, funds should be stored in offline multi-signature storage by known entities. The system should be prepared for the full loss of any funds stored in smart contract hot wallets.


Check Our Framework For Safe Secure Exchange Platforms

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