"Welcome to BCH CoinMixer - The bitcoin cash mixing service you were looking for.


What is Bitcoin Cash Mixing Service? The way bitcoin cash transactions work causes them to be chained together in a permanent public record. They are traceable along the blockchain from one bitcoin address to another. Bitcoin mixer severs the links between your old address and a new address by sending coins from you to other people and coins from them to you. It also randomizes transaction amounts and adds time delays to the transactions. Generally there is no link between the original transactions and the final address of the coins. This process protects your privacy and prevents other people tracing your payments on the internet.


Our bitcoin cash tumbling service does not require any account or personal information and doesn't collect any information about visitor's activity.


We have large amount of pre-mixed bitcoin cash prepared for you. You can verify that your bitcoin cash have been properly anonymized via checking output address in a block explorer such as BlockChair.com.


Our bitcoin cash tumbling service is designed to be as intuitive as possible. The whole process of bitcoins anonymization should not take more than few minutes.


There is multiple mixing services on the web, however, our service is the most user friendly one. Main goal of CoinMixer is to provide secure and easy to use bitcoin cash mixing service for everybody.


Letter of Guarantee signed with our PGP key is created for every participation. This letter works as proof of your participation and prevents the mixing service keeping your bitcoin cash without compromising it's reputation.


Weekly Stats Total Mixed BCH: 68.105519 BCH Total Participants: 382 Total Time of Mixing: 11044 minutes


Proven mixing algorithm, Encrypted connection, No user account required, No logs are collected, Automatic recovery in case of failure, Real time transaction processing"


"It seems the coinmix.to guy went through with his ultimatum.. so stupidly while tired searching for a new mixer I tested this one with a relatively small amount and surprise surprise, neither output tx has appeared 14 hours later.


Anything we can do to get this delisted from top of search engines / listed on any review / scam watch sites?"


"Tried it. Both servers are down at the moment and one of them will only come back up if the software matures. Right now it's not possible to shuffle your coins with Electron Cash. I hope someone will bring up a new cashshuffle server. We need a lot of adoption to really shuffle the coins properly, even for larger amounts."

BCH CoinMixer was a bitcoin cash mixing service that promises to enhance privacy by breaking the links between bitcoin cash transactions on the blockchain. This process involves sending coins from one address to another, randomizing transaction amounts, and adding time delays to transactions. The service claimed to protect users' privacy and prevent transaction tracing. It doesn't require user accounts or collect personal information. The service guarantees participation through a signed Letter of Guarantee using their PGP key. Users reported issues with the CoinMixer service, with not receiving any of their promised funds. It is unclear how much bitcoin cash was sent to the service, and whether any funds were legitimately mixed as promised.

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