$83 000 USD





"Bantiample tokens were released on September 15th. The project was an analogue of the Antiample DeFi protocol, which is gaining momentum." "Fork of AntiAmple listed on Binance Smart Chain, where there's barely projects active atm. It's getting attention from twitter but not a lot so still early."


"Bantiample is a BEP-20 token issued on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Bantiample holders have the opportunity to earn rewards in the token pool , write the creators of the fraudulent scheme." "$BAMP holders at time of snapshot will receive 2:1 $BASH tokens compared to other two tokens. $BOB and $BOAB token holders at time of snapshot will receive bonus farming rewards on the launch of $BASH so long as they also have an equal BNB value of $BAMP. These bonus farming reward “packages” will also be able to be traded. The burnt liquidity pool tokens will not be included in snapshot."


"Some guy took Bill Drummond's projects and just forked them. Super low amount of holders right now. Dev in TG and burned the fuck out of the supply. Do what you want with this information, but imagine not riding the same train that just happened with XAMP -> TOB -> BOA -> ASH. Dev already said he's doing BAMP -> BOB -> BOAB -> BASH. Airdropping tokens for BAMP holders. Be a BAMP whale and you get free money off all those upcoming projects. If you don't, you're probably [f***ing] retarded."


"Earlier it became known about the exit-scam of the Bantiample project at the Binance Smart Chain." "Bantiample, a project on the Binance Smart Chain, has reportedly cashed out 3k BNB and disappeared. In the meantime its account on Telegram was closed and the token BMAP was on a day-to-day decrease of over 90%."


"In reality, Bantiample had almost no functionality and was created solely to raise funds. At the moment, the pages in social networks Bantiample have been removed by their creators. The native Bantiample token has lost almost 90% of its value in the last 24 hours."


"The Bantiample team, a project on the Binance Smart Chain, has cashed out 3000 BNB to run away. At present, the main developer of the team has deleted the Telegram account, and the project token BMAP has fallen by more than 90% in a single day. According to the project's description, BMAP is a kind of AMPL-like imitation. Every time a user participates in a transaction, the total amount is reduced by 1%. However, it is actually just a common token, and it does not have the functions described by the project party. It just uses the AMPL project hotspot to commit fraud."

Bantiample was a fork of Antiample, but not a functional one. It took advantage of the hype around the Antiample project to launch. The project did not run for long before the anonymous creator made off with everyone's funds.


A basic analysis of the smart contract would have revealed the lack of functionality. One should question projects that place significant trust in an anonymous entity. This project did not run for long before the platform was closed.


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